When winter comes, we need warm clothes so that the body feels comfortable. To have a fashionable sweater we don’t need to buy it. With a little creativity, you can modify your sweater to a better look. You can add some knick-knacks like accessories, jewelery, artificial pearls and so on. In other words, this is a great way to reuse winter warm clothes but with a fresh and fashionable look.

We know the sweater as a fashion item whose function is to be worn as an outer. We also wear sweaters to warm our bodies when the air gets cold. Now, this sweater function is also to complement the wearer’s style. In order for our sweaters to improve in appearance, you can add tiny little black jewelry placed on the shoulders of a sweater. This simple way makes you look more classy.

Pom-Pom Sweater

The sweater is red and has beautiful long sleeves. Combined with cute white pom pom accessories. This sweater makes you warm and feels very stylish.

Lace sweater

The sweater is purple and has long sleeves that look cool. Combined with white stripe motifs that look very fused. And a cream-colored skirt that makes you look so perfect.

Pom-Pom Scarf

A grey scarf applied to the neck that looks stylish. Combined with a very funny orange pom pom accessory. The finishing touches are added with a padded jacket to make complete your style.

Jewelry on Sweater

Tiny little black jewelery placed on the shoulders of a sweater. Coupled with a beautiful pink knit sweater. Make you look simple but also look classy.

Beanie Hat

Light blue beanie hat that looks simple. Combined with red white artificial diamond accessories shaped like a very beautiful flower. This hat provides exceptional warmth and style.


White winter socks that look cute if you wear them. Combined with beautiful red colored heart motif. If you use it gives a cool impression and simple style.


Cool fordable gray winter socks. Combined with a pattern on the edge of a very creative sock. and these socks provide warmth and enchanting style for you.

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Gray winter gloves that look simple. Combined with small white artificial pearl accessories that look luxurious. This glove gives warmth and beauty to your winter style.

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Black and red winter hand brush for romantic couples. Combined with cute red and black heart motifs. This winter glove is perfect if you wear it for your trip with your partner.

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Not only sweaters, but other items that you can also change to be more eye-catching are scarves. The addition of accessories to the scarf is similar to that of a sweater by adding pom-pom accessories, jewelry, or it can also add a floral or heart motif design. Your beany hat can also be more adorable by adding colorful jewelry to the front.

So to face the winter you must prepare clothes that are appropriate and also must still look fashionable. Your old outfit can be re-used but you have to change it to something more charming. The trick is to add unique accessories. Not only that, but your old sweater can also change its functions into other forms such as flat shoes. You simply provide glue scissors and some sewing tools. Creating or changing your old clothes into something more useful or beautiful is fun. Hopefully, our posts can provide inspiration in modifying your clothes.

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