What’s so great about summer? Well yes, it is a bright and fun season. You can do fun things this summer. Like doing outdoor activities and bringing the feel into your home. However, enjoying and bringing the feel of summer is not only for home decoration, but also you can apply it to make some crafts. Making summer crafts is fun. By adopting bright colors or symbols synonymous with summer, you can produce awesome summer crafts. When you’re looking for fun summertime crafts, look no further than watermelon themed crafts. The bright colors and shapes that are adopted of watermelons creates summer crafts that will catch the eye.

In order to create watermelon crafts for summer, you can use various kinds of materials. You can also make it into anything. A fun way to bring summer indoors is with a watermelon paper plate. Other great summer crafts is a handprint watermelon craft. You can apply it to napkins, bags, shoes, and another fabric. Moreover, if you have a backyard party, you can make a watermelon pinata. You can also never go wrong with a watermelon mason jar drinking glass. This easy-to-make craft is a fun way to celebrate summer season. For another idea, you can make a watermelon wreath, garland, coaster, sign, and more. Watermelon is an iconic summer fruit, so why not celebrate it in style? Here are references for you.

DIY Labbel Watermelon from diyprojectsforteens 

DIY Watermelon Pinata from diyprojectsforteens  DIY Watermelon Sungglass Bag from diyprojectsforteens  DIY Watermelon Serving Tray from diyprojectsforteens  DIY Watermelon Soap from diyprojectsforteens  Watermelon Print Napkin from diyprojectsforteens 
DIY Stricker from diyprojectsforteens  Watermelon Print Poch from diyprojectsforteens  Watermelon Berry Boxes from diyprojectsforteens  Hand Painted Watermelon  from diyprojectsforteens Tropical Fruit Pom Pom from diyprojectsforteens  Watermelon Phone Holder from diyprojectsforteens  Dip Dyed Watermelon Scraves from diyprojectsforteens  Watermelon Welcome Mat from diyprojectsforteens  Summer Pencil Holder  from diyprojectsforteens Wtermelon Picnic Blanket from diyprojectsforteens  Watermelon Embroidered Clutch  from diyprojectsforteens  Watermelon Pine Cone Paper from diyprojectsforteens  Fruit Hair Bow from diyprojectsforteens  Watermelon Candle from diyprojectsforteens Painted Mason Jar from diyprojectsforteens  DIY Handpainted Watermelon Planter from diyprojectsforteens 

DIY Watermelon Bags from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Watermelon Slice Shelf from shelterness DIY Foam Watermelon Memo Board from shelterness DIY Wooden Watermelon Coasters from shelterness DIY Watermelon Cross-Stitch Pattern  from shelterness DIY Watermelon Sign  from shelterness DIY Watermelon Terra Cotta Pots  from shelterness DIY Giant Watermelon Deco from shelterness DIY Watermelon Alarm Clock from shelterness

DIY Watermelon Potholder from shelterness
Watermelon Googly Eyes Card  from artsycraftsymom   Watermelon Button Craft  from artsycraftsymom   Watermelon Painted Rocks  from artsycraftsymom   Watermelon Paper Plate  from artsycraftsymom   Painted Watermelon Fan  from artsycraftsymom   Mini Watermelon Pinatas  from artsycraftsymom   Felt Watermelon Garland from artsycraftsymom   Hand Painted Watermelon Wall Art  from artsycraftsymom   DIY Watermelon Coasters  from artsycraftsymom    Accordion Watermelon Craft  from artsycraftsymom  

DIY Latter Watermelon from artsycraftsymom

Watermelon Medallion Banner  from diycandy  Watermelon Pin Cushion  from diycandy  Watermelon Mini Cards  from diycandy  DIY Watermelon Ice Cooler  from diycandy  Watermelon Baby Booties  from diycandy  Painted Watermelon Box  from diycandy  Watermelon Wreath  from diycandy  Crochet Watermelon  from diycandy  Watermelon Drink Umbrellas  from diycandy 

Watermelon Magnet from diycandy

Watermelon Mason Jar Glasses  from diys  Painted Watermelon Canvas Runners  from diys  Watermelon Painted Egg  from diys  Painted Watermelon Planters  from diys  Paper Party Garland  from diys DIY Watermelon Wedges  from diys 
Mini Felt Watermelon Necklaces  from diys 

Watermelon Yarn Pom Pom from diys

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