Garden paths aren’t just for walking but also improving the garden design. If you want to build a garden, you should consider the size of your garden, the contour of the soil, and the style. You don’t have to ask a professional to build the path you want. Making it by your hand will be more impressive. In this article, we make a list of DIY walkway ideas that can take you whenever you want. We believe you can copy one of them for your garden. Check them out and get more inspiration!

Natural Wood Slice Walkway

Natural wood slice walkway


Wood slices are natural. They work well for garden design. Arranging wood slices on the ground will create a walkway. You will only need to lay those wood slices on a bed of sand and let nature take its course. It is an easy way that a newbie can do as well.

Pavers & Lava Rocks Walkway

Buy pavers from a home supply store. Arrange those pavers on the ground. Then, surround the pavers with lava rocks. Now, you will see a warm walkway in the garden among the green plant. The walkway makes a statement. We are sure your garden will be more attractive with this path.

Traditional Bluestone Path

What do you think of this path? It looks so gorgeous among the green plants around. You can make this path without asking professionals. Buy the bluestones as many as you need. Then, arrange them on a bed of sands. Improve your garden design soon!

Mosaic Pebble Walkway

What about this work? It is usually done by a professional. If you want to make a mosaic pebble walkway, follow the instruction here. Just make sure that you have prepared all the tools and supplies. Cover the ground with sand. Then, pour cement. Attach the pebble one by one according to the pattern you want.

Fabulous Brick Walkway

Bricks are the most common materials used in buildings. Now, you can use them to create a fabulous walkway. Buy them from a home supply store. You can ask a professional, but doing it yourself is different. Follow the instruction here. Then, make your garden more attractive with your brick walkway.

Pallet Wood Walkway

Can you make it? We believe you do. It is not a tricky project. Just like the way to make a wood slice walkway, you only need to put on the wood plank one by one on the ground. Then, let nature do its course. Day by day, this path will be attached well. So, you can walk through it to go in any direction in the garden.



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