Decorating according to the season, it means you have to equip it with seasonal decorative items. That will make it even more complete. Based on the current fall season, if you decide to start decorating your home with a touch of fall, you can start thinking about complementing it with some seasonal decorative items. There are many seasonal items that you can choose from. One of fall decorative items that you can use is a fall garland. To get more adorable, unique yet affordable fall garland, a DIY fall garland is great for you. For fall, you can use a variety of materials to create easy DIY fall garland ideas.

Burlap is a versatile fabric and is great for DIY projects. It’s easy to work with and is ideal for garlands. Burlap makes a beautiful fall garland that you can hang indoors or out. Newspaper leaf garlands make great decorations. They’re easy to make and can even be used as garland around your mirror or staircase. Moreover, you can use fabric or fabric scrap to create your fall garland, consider using colorful fabrics. Some small pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, or dried leaves are a great natural material for DIY fall garlands. For another material, you can use, burlap, felt, tassel, pom pom, cardbord, and more. The following are just a few options for you. All of these items have beautiful colors and textures that make them a beautiful addition to any holiday decoration.

Burlap and Bold Orange Fabric Bunting  from digsdigs

Felt Garland from digsdigs

Tassel Garland from digsdigs

Felt Balls Garland from digsdigs

Orange Banner Bunting from digsdigs

Ribbon Garland from digsdigs

Felt Pumpkin Garland from digsdigs

Burlap Banner with Apple Pattern from digsdigs

DIY Felt Leaf from digsdigs

Felt Apple Garland from digsdigs

Fall Burlap Banner from digsdigs

Acorn Banner from digsdigs

Feather Garland from digsdigs

Pumpkin Garland with Letters from digsdigs

3D Cardboard Apples Garland from digsdigs

3D Folded Paper Leaf Garland from digsdigs

Volume Paper Pumpkin Garlands from digsdigs

Paper Leaf Garland from digsdigs

Origami Pumpkin Garland from digsdigs

Silk Leaf Garland from digsdigs

Fireplace with Fall Leaf Garland from digsdigs

Leaf and Light Garland from digsdigs

Gold Leaf Garland from digsdigs

Faux Leaves and Pinecones Garland from digsdigs

Maple Leaf Garland from digsdigs

Pinecone and Wooden Bead from digsdigs

Pinecone Garland from digsdigs

Acorn and Bead Garland from digsdigs

Acorn Felt from digsdigs

Acorn Garland from digsdigs

DIY Acorn Garland from curatedinterior DIY Fall Fabric Scrap Garland from curatedinterior DIY Fall Leaves Old Books from curatedinterior DIY Paper Leaf Fall Garland from curatedinterior DIY Yarn Pumpkins from curatedinterior Pumpkin Pie Felt Garland from curatedinterior  DIY Gold Tip Feather Garland from curatedinterior DIY Indian Corn Seed String from curatedinterior DIY Walnut Garland from curatedinterior Fall Mini Pumpkin Garland from curatedinterior  DIY Fall Wood Garland from curatedinterior DIY Natural Fall Leaf Garland from curatedinterior Colored Felt Leaf Garland from curatedinterior DIY Yarn Pumpkins Garland from curatedinterior

DIY Auntumn Garland Ideas from curatedinterior

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