Pathway for garden lead from one area of the garden towards a destination. It is also give your garden landscape some structure along with delineation. To get the best garden pathway, first and foremost, think about the reason to make it; a destination or purpose. If it is for access to your washing line then consider what it will look like when the washing line isn’t there, but if it is purely for access and maintenance of a bed, border or hedge, hide it in the planting, use stepping stones, or integrate it in a bed edge.

A logical, credible route for a pathway is paramount; curved pathways should follow contours, lines of the lawn, curve around beds or features, or even around islands of grass cut at different lengths. If you have small space, try and keep the lawn open and simple. also consider the amount of traffic on the path and the construction materials in relation to the style of your garden. If you need an inspiration, check out these 49 pathway design ideas for your garden below. Enjoy!

Natural Brick Garden Path from sohu

DIY Stone Garden Pathway from topinspirations

Step Stone Side Pathway from activly

Modern Stone Garden Pathway from homebnc

Winding Gray Gravel Pathway from kknews

Old Brick Garden Pathway from naibann

Gray Color Garden Path from deavita

Mulch Garden Path from homishome

Stone Patch and Grass Path from kknews

Paver Garden Path from naibann

Gravel and Stone Pathway from archzine

White Gravel and Stone Step Path from m.duitang

Pebbles Mosaic Pathway from kknews

Flagstone Path from houzz

Mosaic Pattern Path from andhrafriends

Natural Stone Step Path from duitang

DIY Stone Garden Pathway

DIY Stone and Green Grass Path from myamazingthings

Round Stone Step Path from zhuanlan.zhihu

Planted Pathway from bilibili

DIY Stone Step with Green Grass from gardeningsoul

Straight Stone Path from awesomedecors

Modern Mosaic Garden Path from homishome

Gray Gravel Path from homebnc

Stone Path with Planter Edge from houzz

Stone Path with Round Iron Gate from sohu

Plywood and White Stone Path from guiaparadecorar

Chips Pathway from sohu

DIY Pebbles Mosaic Path from myamazingthings

DIY Ladder Path

Small Stone Garden Path from gardenerknowhow

Floral Pattern Mosaic Path from architectureartdesigns

Round Chips Garden Path from decoredo

Stone Slab Garden Path from lovahomy

Modern Printed Stone Path from blessmyweeds

Stone Path with Wooden Gate  from sohu

Contemporary Pebbles Mosaic Path from homebnc

Pallet Garden Path from

Modern White Chips Path from zhuanlan.zhihu

White Stone Garden Path from houzz

Red Brick Garden Path from ifuun

Modern and Contemporary Path

Slice Wood Garden Path from homebnc

Cottage Style Wooden Path from kknews

Sleek Stone Garden Path from awesomedecors

Cream and Black Mosaic Path from architectureartdesigns

Square Stone Pathways from naibann

Elegant Wooden Deck from homebnc

Circle Stone Pathway from homebnc


  1. […] 49 Pathway Design Ideas for Your Garden… […]

  2. […] 49 Pathway Design Ideas for Your Garden… […]

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