Pathway for garden lead from one area of the garden towards a destination. It is also give your garden landscape some structure along with delineation. To get the best garden pathway, first and foremost, think about the reason to make it; a destination or purpose. If it is for access to your washing line then consider what it will look like when the washing line isn’t there, but if it is purely for access and maintenance of a bed, border or hedge, hide it in the planting, use stepping stones, or integrate it in a bed edge.

A logical, credible route for a pathway is paramount; curved pathways should follow contours, lines of the lawn, curve around beds or features, or even around islands of grass cut at different lengths. If you have small space, try and keep the lawn open and simple. also consider the amount of traffic on the path and the construction materials in relation to the style of your garden. If you need an inspiration, check out these 49 pathway design ideas for your garden below. Enjoy!

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