Doing the craft with your kids that is based on the season will be interesting to them. It can bring the spirit of the season which is exciting for kids. Related to the spring season, there will be varied crafts that you can make with your kids. The point is that you should make it ‘easy to do’ for the kids. What is meant by ‘easy to do’ is not only about the design but also the materials. Well, we all know that there are some materials that won’t be kids friendly and too difficult for them. Here, the good material choice for your kids will be paper, fabric, beads, paint color, or yarn.

Anyway, talking about the designs of the craft that could be harmonious with the spring season, you can have the things that are related to nature. Also, since the kids love animals so much, then you can have it for sure. For example, you make a caterpillar or ladybugs on a leave. Then, you can also make flowers or a rainbow. If you want to use the craft as an addition to your home decoration, you can make a wreath or garland. We have prepared some easy craft designs ideas that are made with kids friendly materials. Check them out!

Apple Stamp Ladybug from Happinessishomemade

Cherry Blossom Art from Happinessishomemade

Felt Flower Craft from Happinessishomemade

Frog Life Cycle Pom Pom Craft from Happinessishomemade

Nature Art Bugs from Happinessishomemade

Origami Tulips from Happinessishomemade

Paper Cup Flower from Happinessishomemade

Paper Plate Veggie Garden from Happinessishomemade

Pistachio Shell Bees from Happinessishomemade

Pop-up Paper Plate Rainbows from Happinessishomemade

Rain Cloud Windsock from Happinessishomemade

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers from Happinessishomemade

Paper Plate Crafts from Easypeasyandfun

Rainbows Craft from Easypeasyandfun

Frog Toilet Paper Roll Craft from Easypeasyandfun

Paper Rainbow Cloud from Easypeasyandfun

Paper Flower Power from Easypeasyandfun

3D Ladybugs from Easypeasyandfun

Bee Toilet Paper Roll Craft from Easypeasyandfun

Cute Pom Pom Caterpillar from Easypeasyandfun

3D Caterpillar from Easypeasyandfun

Yarn Bunny from Familyholiday

Paper Butterfly from Familyholiday

Yellow Tulip Flower from Familyholiday

Origami Paper Flower Craft from Familyholiday

Yellow Chicks Craft from Familyholiday

Colorful Flower Craft from Familyholiday

Air Balloon from Familyholiday

Bird Nest Craft from Familyholiday

Paper Apple Craft from Familyholiday

Cup Cake Flower Craft from Familyholiday

Paper Butterfly from Familyholiday

Colorful Caterpillars from Howdoesshe

Rainy Craft from Howdoesshe

DIY Rainbow from Howdoesshe

Feathered Parrots from Howdoesshe

Egg Carton Flowers from Howdoesshe

Paper kite from Howdoesshe

Paper Plate Butterfly from Howdoesshe

Stick Animal Craft from Stylesatlife

Bird Toy Craft from Stylesatlife

Mason Jar Craft from Stylesatlife

Pompom Spring Craft from Stylesatlife

Paper Spring Wreath from Stylesatlife

Paper Roll Bunnies from Onelittleproject

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