Have you ever thought that making crafts with acorns will be so adorable? Even, you can do it with your kids. Acorns are versatile and easy to find almost anywhere. Using acorns to make more fall crafts is something that you can’t wait for. Feel free to show your creativity. In this article, we are going to show you autumn-inspired acorn crafts to copy. Check them out further below and get more inspiration to decor your home with acorns.

DIY Fall Pom-Pom Tree

Diy fall pom-pom tree


It is time to make a craft with more colors. Creating a fall pom-pom tree is not a big project. However, it will directly change your room decor. You will need some wool to make the trunk and pom-pom. Then, add more acorns to the tree. It looks so cute for your kid’s room.

DIY Woodland Acorn Fairies

What about this small craft for your garden? It looks so magic to improve your outdoor decor. You will need a pinecone, some leaves, wooden branches, and an acorn to make a fairy-like. Put it in your small garden. Or, feel free to display this in your living room to welcome the fall season.

DIY Acorn Ornaments

Combining an acorn with a painted clay looks so genius. In this picture, we see powerful wall ornaments made of clays and acorns. Hang them on the wall. Even, they look more genius than string lights to keep your room more festive during this fall. Do you like them?

DIY Felt Colorful Balls

These balls are made of a combination of felts and acorns. If you want to make fall crafts that easy and affordable, these balls are the answer. Put them in a bowl to welcome your guests. Your kids will be happy to see these colorful balls in their room as well.

DIY Cute Pinecone Owls

Creating fall crafts doesn’t need expensive materials. In this picture, we see a clever project that is easy and cheap. We only have to find a pinecone and paint it well. Then, use acorns to make the eyes. Ask your kid to make this project with you. Usually, kids love owls.

DIY Pretty Acorn Squirrel

Two acorns will be changed to look like a squirrel. Even, you can add its tails. This easy peasy project can be finished in less than an hour. Hang this cute squirrel in any nook or just display it in one of your desks.

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