Many homeowners love to design their backyard. Even though we ask for more sunlight in the morning, sometimes hiding from the sunspot is the key to protecting our skin. The harsh rays are dangerous for our bodies when the weather is too hot. So, it will be better for us to build screen shades in the outdoor space. In this article, we have gathered DIY patio shade ideas to enjoy outdoor areas without overheating by the sun. Check out our gallery below and get more inspiration!

Extra-Large Patio Umbrella

Extra-large patio umbrella


Look at this outdoor space with a big umbrella! It looks so comfy to sit here and enjoy summer days while drinking lemon juice or eating ice cream. You and your kids will love it so much. The big umbrella keeps your body from the heat of sunshine. It will be nice to have a chit-chat here with your friends.

DIY Copper Cabana

It’s an easy project for a DIY newbie. Building this copper cabana is not tricky. You will need several copper pipes and fittings. Then, follow the instructions here to see how to build a DIY copper cabana. This patio shade also works well for the one who only has a small backyard. 

DIY Private Canopy

This patio shade can hide you from the sun. Furthermore, it keeps your privacy from your neighbor as well. Build this simple patio with your spouse. Add chairs to create such an oasis in your outdoor area. When the cold weather comes, you can add a fire pit too. 

Backyard Patio with Curtains

You might need several hours to build the patio. You need to have at least basic woodworking skills to do this project. Add more curtains to hide you from the heat of sunlight. Enjoy the weather, drink juice, and eat more ice cream. Ask anyone to join the party with you!

DIY Lattice Canopy in the Backyard

It looks so beautiful, right? This canopy shows more green plants everywhere. You can do so for your backyard. Build it and add more plants. Drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon while seeing the scenery around will be a perfect idea.

DIY Patio With Rolling Shade

Welcoming friends in the backyard is not awkward anymore. Look at this patio with rolling shades that will make anyone enjoy the sun whenever they want. Build the pergola, add the rolling shade, and enjoy the scenery. What more fun than this in summer?


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