Getting appealing look behind the sofa is such a pleasant thing. It can enhance your home interior. Actually, it is a simple thing that you can do. You don’t need an excessive thing, just placing a sofa table behind the sofa. The sofa table is useful to display your decorative items. And also to fill the space behind the sofa. In order to choose the sofa table, there are some styles and materials that you can choose from. But if you want to save your budget and get a unique look, the DIY sofa table idea can be your options. This table is full of character to your interior designs.

A bench behind the sofa is a great way to give your home a unified feel. It provides additional seating when your guests come over. Another great option for decorating behind the sofa is a desk. This piece is easy to create and maximizes the space. These are often made of wood, and they provide a functional space for displaying books and other items. If space behind your sofa is at a premium, you can build a floating console table that can hold all the essentials, such as a flower vase and stand lamp. This piece looks stylish and will give you more room for storage. Moreover, you can make a DIY sofa table from wood slab, pallet, wooden block, iron, and more. Here are some ideas for you.

Painted Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table from diys

Scroll Legged Console Table from diys

Mini Side Sofa Table from diys

Sofa Table with Drawers from diys

Rustic X-Frame Sofa Table from diys

Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table from diys

Dark Wood Table from homebnc

Slender Wall Running Sofa Table from homebnc

Yellow Paint Table Sofa from homebnc

Pedestal Sofa Table from homebnc

Coastal Sofa Table from homebnc

DIY Vintage Sofa Table from homebnc

Organizer Sofa Table from homebnc

Rustic Sofa Table from homebnc

Woods Slab Sofa Table from homebnc

Shaby Chic Sofa Table from homebnc

Sleek Sofa Table from homebnc

Minimalis Sofa Table from homebnc

Blue Paint Sofa Table from homebnc

Pallet Sofa Table from homebnc

Wooden Oak Sofa Table from homebnc

DIY Wooden Paint Table from homebnc

 Crosshatch Sofa Table from homebnc

Wooden Sofa Table from homebnc

Sofa Table with Basket from homebnc

Iron and Wooden Sofa Table from homebnc

Wooden Block Sofa Table from homebnc

Table Sofa with Chair from homebnc

DIY Wooden Table from shelterness Table Sofa with Storage from shelterness

White Table  Behind Sofa from shelterness

Wooden Block Table Sofa from countryliving

DIY Copper Table Sofa from countryliving

White Table Sofa from thehandymansdaughter

DIY Wooden Table Sofa from thehandymansdaughter

Sofa Table Plans from itsoverflowing DIY Behind Sofa Table from itsoverflowingHair Pin Leg Table Sofa from itsoverflowing

DIY Paint Table Sofa from itsoverflowing Farmhouse Table Sofa from itsoverflowing

DIY Industial Farmhouse Table Sofa from itsoverflowing

X leg Table Sofa from itsoverflowing Dining Table Sofa from itsoverflowing Industrial Table Sofa from itsoverflowing

Table Sofa from itsoverflowing

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