So you want to renovate your house or build a piece of furniture, but you have a limited budget? No worries! You can still do it without breaking the bank. Simply keep reading to discover some tips to help you keep the cost of your DIY projects to a minimum. Using these tips, you will never not have a reason to do some DIY. 

Shop second-hand

The second-hand market is probably best known for books and clothes, but you can also find some bargains on building tools if you spend a bit of time looking for them. You may be able to find used tools in good condition at your local thrift store, but your chances of finding what you need are even higher if you scour the internet for second-hand marketplaces dedicated specifically to building tools. These marketplaces could take the form of a website, a Facebook group, an eBay seller, or even an app. Furthermore, buying second-hand furniture is a great way to bag yourself a fun upcycling project at little cost.

Search for coupons

Coupons and discount codes can really help you keep the cost of your supplies down. As well as discount codes for DIY-specific stores, don’t forget to also search the internet for coupons for bigger, generalized retailers such as supermarkets, which often sell DIY tools and other bits and pieces you might need. These Wish coupons, for example, will come in handy for your ongoing tech projects.

Borrow tools instead of buying them

If you need a specialized tool for a specific project, look for a way to borrow it rather than having to buy it. As with the second-hand market, there are likely to be apps, Facebook groups, or websites out there that facilitate the lending and borrowing of tools in your neighborhood. You could also try to find out whether there is a makerspace local to you—these are community projects which offer their members use of shared tools for a small annual fee. If neither of these solutions works out for you, do the old-fashioned thing and ask your neighbors if they happen to own the tool you need. Whether they do or not, it’s always a good idea to keep up friendly relations with one’s neighbor!

Shop around for materials

To get the best deal on your building tools and materials, spend a bit of time looking at different retailers and comparing their prices. Failing to shop around is one of the top reasons for increased building costs, and it’s easily fixable with a bit of research. If you’re lucky, you might even have a building supplies wholesaler in your area which is also open to the public. Relatedly, keep an eye on end-of-season sales and other sale events, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and stock up on DIY supplies when prices are low.

Keep your supplies organized

This one might sound silly, but keeping all your DIY supplies neatly organized and easily accessible will save you money. Why? Because if you can’t easily see a certain product, you might think that you have run out of it and that you need to replace it when really it had just ended up in the corner of your shed.

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