What about doing some projects that will make your kids happy? Yes, you can create furniture items for kids. Rather than buy in a store that will spend more money, it will be better for you to craft. What you need to concern is how your DIY ability. If you have pieces of furniture that are no longer used, repurpose them into new stuff is a great idea. In this article, we have repurposing projects that any kid will love.

Shutter Wall Display


It may need a large space to get this amazing wall display. The owner uses old window shutters and repaints them. Then, attach some kids’ photos and other decorative objects. The window shutters look like a nice background.

A New Pen Organizer

A new pen organizer

Crafting isn’t something hard to do. Choose the simpler one that you can make in less than an hour. Take a look at this cute pen organizer that at last is a phone book. You only need to shape the hone book like a tube to put the pens, pencils, and stuff.

Canopy Reading Nook

Canopy reading nook

If you have an old Papasan that is no longer need, turn it into a new reading nook. This project will need more time but the result is pretty awesome. The Papasan chair becomes the top that covered well in pink. Add a cushion and throw pillows as well to make so cozy.

Lovely Doll House

Lovely doll house

Don’t throw your unused shoe box. It can be repurposed as a new dollhouse that so cute. Be more creative by adding some tiny pieces to look like a real house. In this picture, the creator covers the shoe box with polka dot paper and fill the box with tiny household equipment.

Super Cool Doll House

Super cool doll house

An old suitcase also can be repurposed as a cool dollhouse. You need to inject some wooden boards. Then, put some tiny furniture and the dolls on each shelf. Don’t forget to decorate the walls. What do you think?

A New Desk To Study

A new desk to study

It will save your money to craft a new desk for your kids. This table looks nice in green and blue with a white chair. Then, the creator also adds a cute whiteboard to write down the kid’s schedule. It looks so cute and comfy.

A Kids’ Activity Table

A kids’ activity table

Repurpose your dining table into a new kid’s activity table will be nice. No need to add anything, just make sure that the kids will love the color. Let them learn coloring, drawing, or other activities.

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