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DIY Chalk Art Ideas To Create The Coolest Sidewalk Where Every One Want

It is a timeless tradition when you create art with sidewalk chalk. You can create this on your own or ask your kids for help. All the ideas of chalk art are collected in DIY Chalk Art Ideas To Create The Coolest Sidewalk Where Every One Want.

Word Play

Have a great play spot to practice your children sight words. Just write the words on the sidewalk, tossing your kid bead bag, and practice each word.

Self Portrait

Here is the self-expression of chalk art project. Let anyone lie down on the sidewalk while you can trace their silhouette with chalk.

Faux Flowers

Let your children lay happily with a cheery bouquet of oversized flowers in lovely colors and varieties. Ask your children stand overhead to grab a shot where it looks like your subject is clutching the bunch gladly.


This idea shows you a bouquet of whimsical balloons that carry your kids on a mid-air adventure. It has a cute look of balloons and bicycle chalk art by standing on a stool above while the kid outstretches arms to embrace the natural action.

White-Water Rapids

This is a smart choice to have a fun chalk art photo backdrop even though you are not a skillful artist. Just make wavy blue linens swishing into the white swirls where a roaring river carrying your kids on a white-water adventure.

Outer Space

Please your kid to have wider imagination with outer space chalk art idea. You can draw a rocket, planet, and some stars. Then draw a circle around your kids’ head to let them be astronaut. Thus, take a picture of that then you will see a perfect picture of outer space adventure where your kids will love.

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Chalk Art Town

Feel the excited atmosphere by creating your kids’ town by using sideways chalk to create a fanciful roadway or track. This idea is interactive, you can add trains, cars, or little feet around the track.

Sunny Scene

Create a sunny day every day no matter the weather outside. A sunshiny and transporting scene with the paint of chaise lounge, palm tree, fruity drink on a side table, and of course smiling sun.


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