Whether you’re looking for an original gift idea for a bookworm or are simply looking for a unique way to show your bookworm pride, you’ll find many bookmark ideas to suit your needs. You can find these bookmarks at bookstores or accessories, but if you want to save your budget while having a creative bookmark design, you can make your own. You can use several materials to make handmade bookmarks. Several handmade bookmark ideas are widely available to choose from.

Here are just a few materials to get you started. For some extra-special handmade bookmark ideas, consider using duct tape, felt, polymer clay, or magnetic washi tape. If you don’t have time to sew, you can still make some great DIY handmade bookmarks using no-sew elastic ribbon. No-sew elastic ribbon is great for bookmarks because it can be used to attach additional embellishments, such as tassels or cord. Moreover, you can use cardstock, paper, metal stamp, ribbon, and more. Take a look at these ideas below!

Colorful Cardstock Bookmarks from thesprucecrafts 

DIY Colorful Tassel Bookmarks from thesprucecrafts 

Faux Leather Personalized Bookmarks from thesprucecrafts

Pressed Flower Bookmarks from thesprucecrafts

Tassel, Pom Pom, and Patterned Bookmarks from thesprucecrafts

Fruit Corner Bookmarks from thesprucecrafts

Mermaid Tail Bookmarks from thesprucecrafts

DIY Chunky Tassel Bookmarks from diycraftsy

DIY Photo Bookmark from diycraftsy

DIY Pineapple Paper Bookmarks from diycraftsy

Corner Shark Bookmark from diycraftsy

Beaded Bookmarks from diycraftsy

Paint Chip Bookmarks from kidsartncraft  Fruit Slice Corner Bookmark from kidsartncraft  Confetti Shaker Bookmarks from kidsartncraft  Pom Pom Bookmark Ideas from kidsartncraft New-sew Elastic Ribbon from kidsartncraft  Washi Tape Bookmarks from kidsartncraft Bookmark From Fabric from kidsartncraft  Resin Bookmark Craft from kidsartncraft 

Leaf Crochet Bookmarks from kidsartncraft

Confetti Bookmarks from diycandy  Cat Bookmarks from diycandy  Flower Paint Chip Bookmarks from diycandy  Wood and Fabric Bookmarks from diycandy  Origami Heart Bookmark from diycandy  DIY Corner Bookmarks from diycandy  DIY Confetti Shaker Bookmarks from diycandy  Book Pug Bookmarks from diycandy   Fabric Bookmarks from diycandy  DIY Woven Bookmarks from diycandy  DIY Unicorn Bookmark from diycandy  Washi Tape Bookmarks from diycandy  Velvet Ribbon Bookmarks from diycandy  Paint Chip Bookmarks from diycandy 

DIY Fruit Bookmarks from diycandy  DIY Tassel Bookmarks  from diycandy  Felt Bird DIY Bookmarks from diycandy  DIY Magnetic Bookmarks from diycandy   DIY Resin Bookmarks from diycandy  Book List Pocket from diycandy  Watercolor Bookmark from diycandy 

DIY Feather Bookmarks from diycandy

Heart Felt on Paper Clips from kidsartncraft

Butterfly Felt Bookmarks from kidsartncraft

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