To welcome summer, you should prepare for your appearance since you will spend your time outside enjoying the weather. Here, you can focus on the accessories to wear. Make it yourself and focus on the things you really like and need. By making the DIY accessories, you can create something with the details that could satisfy your imagination. You can also match the accessories with the clothes you will wear. Here, the accessories could be in the form of a hat, glasses, pouch, necklace, and more. Please see the following ideas that we have gathered for you. The ideas will be easy to copy and won’t need too much budget.

Watermelon Sunhat

Do you want to look stylish in this summer celebration? If so, using a sunhat is the right solution. Instead of buying it at the store, you can make it yourself so it will look more creative and inspiring. This sunhat is made by weaving using a straw so it’s perfect for summer ideas. Leaving it plain may look boring and less suitable for summer. Because of that, you can take watercolors and draw a watermelon on the sunhat so it will look funnier. This sunhat not only enhances summer style, it can also protect you from direct sunlight.

Watermelon Sunhat from Studiodiy

Crochet Pineapple Earrings

Earrings are one of the accessories that you can use in any season, including summer. You can make DIY pineapple-shaped earrings so that they will make your summer style more stylish. This pineapple earring was made with a DIY project using the crochet method so it looks very creative. Having a size that is not too big, will make your appearance more perfect without having to be afraid of looking tacky. With this DIY project idea you can try yourself at home to complete your summer style.

Crochet Pineapple Earrings from Modpodgerocksblog

Felt Watermelon Necklace

Instead of buying accessories at the store, you can make your own at home to make it look more creative. Necklaces are one of the accessories that you can make yourself at home in a fairly easy way. Prepare equipment to make necklaces such as felt, glue gun, thread, scissors and others. Continue by braiding the thread until it resembles a necklace. Then make a watermelon using colorful felt and glue. Finally, you can arrange them into a beautiful necklace that is suitable for your summer style.

Felt Watermelon Necklace from Thesprucecrafts

Sea Shell Bracelet

Complementing the summer style with bracelets is an idea that you can try now. This bracelet was made with a DIY project to enhance your summer look. Crafted using seashell this bracelet will never fail in the summer. Equipped with several beads will make this bracelet look more luxurious and festive. The combination of blue and white which is produced from seashell and beaded will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. These DIY accessory ideas are super easy to make and stay on a low budget.

Sea Shell Bracelet from Guidepatterns

Hair Pin

To complete the summer look, you can make these DIY accessories. Hairpin is one of the accessories that is easy to make and suitable to complete the summer style. You can use a seashell to make hair pins so they will look different than usual and are perfect for summer. First you have to prepare the tools and equipment in advance such as hair pins, glue and seashell. Then attach the sea shell to the hairpin using glue so it will look more interesting and creative. This hair pin is ready to make your summer style more trendy.

Hair Pin from Fashionsy

Shell Ring

Make your summer style more trendy than usual! Complementing your style with accessories is the solution. It doesn’t have to be expensive, making DIY accessories is the perfect idea. There are many accessories that you can make to complete your summer style, one of which is a ring. This ring made with a DIY project using wire and seashell looks simple but manages to make your fingers look more beautiful. It has a unique shape, making this seashell ring much liked by women.

Shell Ring from Fashionsy

Embroidered Watermelon Bag

Complete your summer style with a hand bag to make it look more trendy. Choosing a DIY hand bag with a watermelon theme is the perfect idea because it fits the summer theme. The red hand bag with watermelon embroider looks more beautiful and attractive. Then you can combine it with stylish clothes so that it will make your summer look look trendy and inspiring.

Embroidered Watermelon Bag from Diys

Summer Sunglasses

Do you have sunglass at home? Make your sunglasses look trendy in summer. First you have to prepare equipment and supplies such as glue, Knick knack, and fruit ornaments. Then you can stick the Knick knack on the top of the glasses to make it look more festive. Continue by pasting fruit ornaments such as lemons, oranges, watermelons, and others on the right and left sides of the glasses so that they will look more beautiful and attractive. These DIY sunglasses are so cute and look trendy in summer.

Summer Sunglasses from Diyprojectsforteens

Strawberry Headband

Headband will never fail to make your appearance look more stylish. Made with a DIY project using fabric material, this headband will look simple but still creative. Don’t forget to pinch the edges of the headband to make it more durable and not easily cracked. It has a strawberry motif, making this headband very suitable to complement your summer style and is very liked by women. You will never fail to try this idea at home to enhance your summer style to make it look more trendy.

Strawberry Headband from Diys

Seashell Crown

You can never fail to make DIY accessories to complete your summer look. Using seashells to make summer accessories is a choice that will never fail. You can make a crown using a sea shell so that it will present a unique and different look than usual. The combination of white and blue colors produced from this seashell crown will present a very beautiful and stunning appearance. This DIY crown idea is very creative and perfect for completing a summer look so it can steal the show.

Seashell Crown from Creativegreenliving




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