Summer is almost here! Make this sunny season more memorable with an incredible decoration. If you’re thinking of bringing a tropical theme to your home, consider putting up a pineapple-themed summer decor. This decoration theme will bring a fresh nuance to your home. The yellow color of pineapple fruits represent the fresh of summer season. In order to decorate your home with pineapple theme, you don’t need to spend more budgets. With DIY pineapple-themed projects, you can create a beautiful summer decoration.

There are many ideas of DIY pineapple-themed summer decor you can make. The materials used are also vary, you can find them around your home. Such as paper, wood, tissue paper, and even using recycle items. You can make pineapple ornaments from these materials. Add a touch of summer decor to your walls by creating pineapple themed wall art. You can make it from wood or canvas. You can also make a ceramic pot in a pineapple shape. If your terracotta is plain, you can decorate it with a pineapple theme. Adding a touch of pineapple to your pillow cover also will liven up your home. Furthermore, you can even use your mason jar and make it look like a pineapple. For more informations, take a look at pictures below.

Gold Paint Pineapple Wall from digsdigs

Gold Pineapple Stencil from digsdigs

 Bold Pineapple Decals from digsdigs

Pineapple Double Wall Art  from digsdigs

Watercolor Pineapplefrom digsdigs

Wood Sign with Pineapple  from digsdigs

Paint Pineapple Tapestery from digsdigs

Ombre Turquoise Pineapple Art from digsdigs

Pineapple String Art from digsdigs

Coloful Pineapple Art from digsdigs

Black and White Pineapple Artwork from digsdigs

Wall Pineapple Jewelry Holder from digsdigs

Two Pink Pineapple Artworks from digsdigs

Pineapple Marquee Light from digsdigs

Pineapple Pillow from digsdigs

Gold Pineapple from digsdigs

Pineapple Pillow Cover from digsdigs

Pineapple Bathroom Mat from digsdigs

Embroidered Pineapple Pillow  from digsdigs

Modern Blue Pineapple Print  from digsdigs

Pineapple Bedding Set from digsdigs

Round White Floor Pillow from digsdigs

Gilded Pineapple Handles from digsdigs

White Pineapple Ceramic Pots from digsdigs

DIY Pineapple Cutting Board from thesprucecrafts

DIY Mini Pineapple Party Hats from thesprucecrafts

Pineapple Push Pins from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Piñata from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Bath Mat from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Ring Dish from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Luminary Jar from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Table Runner from thesprucecrafts

DIY Paper Pineapple Toy from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Eggs from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Vase from thesprucecrafts

Pineapple Magnets from thesprucecrafts

Pineapple Trinket Box from thesprucecrafts

DIY Watercolor Fruit Coasters from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Party Bag from thesprucecrafts

DIY Pineapple Pumpkin from thesprucecrafts

Pineapple Magnetic from architecturaldigest

Two Tone Cutting Board from architecturaldigest

Pillow Shape Pineapple  from architecturaldigest

DIY Pineapple Candle from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Painted Geometric Pineapple from diyprojectsforteens

Paper Pineapple from diyprojectsforteens

Pineapple Totebag from diyprojectsforteens

Tissue Paper Pineapple from diyprojectsforteens

Gilded Pineapple Ornament from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Succulent Pineapple Planter from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Pineapple Doormat from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Fruit Planter from diyprojectsforteens

Watercolor Fruit from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Fruit Bulletin Board from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Geometric Pineapple Clock from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Napkin Print from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Bubble Wrap Print Pineapple from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Pineapple Glass from diyprojectsforteens

Pineapple Pen Pot from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Pineapple Masson Jar  from diyprojectsforteens

Pineapple Keychain from diyprojectsforteens

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