Do you have a plan to make a craft this weekend? What about painting woods? Just provide wooden boards. Then, complete your paint collections. We will need paintbrushes, of course. Painting woods is not different from painting on paper. Though woods have different textures from papers, the ways to paint are the same. We have collected DIY wooden painting craft ideas to inspire you. Check them out further below!

DIY Dandelion Painting on the Wood

Diy dandellion painting on the wood


It looks so pretty on the wall, right? The crafter works very well in painting the boards with dandelions. A beginner can make this craft in less than an hour. Drawing dandelion is not hard. And, this wall art is pretty. You can hang it on your wall too. Feel free to make it more colorful instead of black and white tones.

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Plaques

If you have some wooden trunks, cut them out. Make them become some wooden slices. Then, paint the center of them in dark colors. You will get DIY wooden chalkboard plaques. Use them to decorate your home for Halloween. This project is super fun and easy. You can ask your kids to make them with you.

DIY Painted Wooden Pumpkins

Here is another craft for Halloween. Don’t paint all wooden slices black. Use the rest of them to make these DIY painted wooden pumpkins. You only need to paint them orange. Then, add some accessories like the dried leaf, branch, etc. Make your pumpkins look different from your neighbor’s crafts.

DIY Wooden Table Painting

Stenciling is the best idea to make your table looks different. Customize the color you want. In the picture, a red wooden table with flowers looks so beautiful. You can change the patterns you like; stars, leaves, or anything.

DIY Old Wood Ocean Painting

Bring the beach feeling inside your home. This old wood ocean painting is the easiest way to do it. Paint the board with the ocean. It looks rustic and stylish on the wall. Use sponging techniques to make blue stripes. So, it will appear like an ocean.

DIY Painted Wood Modern Art

Timber woods are easy to find. Paint them one by one using brushes. Then, attach them to make colorful wooden modern art. It is an easy project but will need several minutes. The process of painting each timber wood will need a lot of time. But, we guarantee you will love the result.


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