Are you looking for ideas to upgrade your garden decor? What about DIY wooden slice animals? In a big garden, you might meet birds, chickens, bunnies, or other animals. However, it will be hard to find them in a small garden. So, creating animal figures for your garden will replace those animals absent. The woods are natural and cheap. You can create DIY animal wooden slice animals you want. Just make sure that you have the materials needed. Check out our ideas below to get more inspiration!

Cute Birds For Garden

Cute birds for garden


The cute birds are on the ground. But, they go again. If you want to grab them for your garden in a long-lasting time, create them. Yes. Bird figures for a small garden are a great idea. Creating them is not a hard project. Furthermore, you will add artistic pieces for your outdoor area.

Kitten for Garden

You can use the same wood to create this cute kitten. The wooden slices are used for the face and ears. While the body is made of a bigger wooden log. Then, the legs are made of smaller wooden logs. This cute animal has beautiful eyes made of bottle caps.

Wooden Owls for Garden

Cute owls come at night. Bring them to your garden anytime by cresting wooden owls. They will improve your decor with rustic touches. Feel free to customize the expression of your owls. Create various sizes as you want.

Small Wooden Bear in the Garden

Do you like bears? We can find bears easily in the jungle. But, how to bring it to our garden? Just, make it small. Creating a bear figure from wooden slices is a great idea. You only need to have bigger slice woods for the bear’s body. Then, take the smaller one for its head. Make it more eye-catching with eyes, mouth, and nose.

Wooden Bunny for Garden

Look at the picture! It shows little bunnies in the garden. When it is hard to catch a bunny, you can make the faux one. Little bunnies made of wooden slices are awesome. You can get them from a DIY store or just make one by hand.

Wooden Butterfly in the Garden

Creating a wooden butterfly will not take much time. You only need two same wooden slices for the wings. Take a twig for its body. Customize the butterflies. Attach the wings to the body and get the butterfly you want. Place it on a wooden cut log.

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