Fall comes with more leaves turns to the land. Decorating your home in the fall will not need a lot of money. However, it will depend on the materials used. Woods are versatile and cheap. Creating DIY crafts for fall using woods can bring your home decor to the next level. Furthermore, those crafts are more durable. So, you can reuse them to decorate your home for the next year. In this article, we give you pictures of DIY woodcraft for fall decor.

DIY Cutout Pumpkin Wood

Diy cutout pumpkin wood


Fall season will never lose pumpkins. In this picture, we see pumpkins with other fruits made of wood. Cut a wood log into some slices and use them to shape the fruits you want. Paint them in orange and white color to show fall feels.

DIY Wooden Bowl Fall

Have you prepared your table decor this fall? Try this DIY wooden bowl fall centerpiece. It is made of a wood log that is shaped well into a bowl. The creator adds some artificial pumpkins, pinecones, dried leaves, and other fall accessories. This table decor centerpiece will work well in the fall season.

DIY Rustic Sign

This wood with the words looks so rustic and chic for your fall decor. Feel free to customize the words with any message you want. White paint words tell us more about the traditional feel to welcome fall with natural elements. Add other fall pieces like pumpkins, maple leaves, and or pinecones.

DIY Fall Wall Hanging

Prepare pre-cut wooden boards and attach them in one. Stencil pumpkin pattern to it with white-washed style painting. This craft is easy to make and gives an artistic feeling even if you are not a professional artist. Hang it on the wall and see how beautiful this art is for your fall decor.

Wooden Post Pumpkins

You will need more woods to make this craft. Look at the pumpkins that are shaped well in a rectangular shape by woods. The creator paints them in white and orange. Make sure you use water-resistant paints for all pumpkins. Put them outside to spruce up your front decor.

Farmhouse-Style Pumpkin Decor

Wood beads that are arranged well in pumpkin shape will improve your room decor. The one who loves a Scandinavian style will adore this craft. It speaks more than words about a fall feeling to everyone. Feel free to customize the colors. You can choose orange to add a pop of color to your fall decor.

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