As the summer is winding down it feels like things can get quite hectic. With the kids going back to school and the stress of holidays looming on the horizon, it is critical to make sure you take the time to invest in yourself.

It has been clinically proven that having a self-care routine will eliminate or reduce anxiety and depression. Sign us up! 

But don’t think of self-care as just a treat or a reward for making it through the day. It needs to be an intentional and integral part of your life. Here are a few ideas to include in your self-care routine.

Stress Gummies

It’s inevitable. Life comes with stress. Outside of life’s major stressors, sometimes it’s the littlest things that make us go crazy. For example, realizing you forgot your wallet at home after the grocery store cashier tells you your total. How about hitting every red light when you’re already running late? Think about when the printer tells you a paper jam and you’ve opened every door possible and nothing is there. 

Have we got you sweating yet or do you need more examples?

It’s so important to make an effort to reduce stress in your self-care routine. One option that is so easy and natural is to take stress gummies. They are a tasty alternative to traditional medicine and will reduce anxiety and elevate your mood.

Gummies are a great option because they offer the absorbability of a pill and the time release of a tincture. Pro tip: Make sure you make this a part of your daily routine. You will see greater results if you continue to take them consistently.

Time For a Road Trip

There is nothing like hitting the open road for a good old fashioned road trip! An amazing self-care tip is to use the PTO you are given at work. So go ahead and plan that trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Step one for planning the perfect road trip is to rent a car. Whether you’re looking for a convertible to cruise down Route 66 or a rugged SUV to navigate through the Appalachian Mountains, Advantage Rent A Car will have what you need.  

The next thing you will need to prepare is the ultimate playlist. This is what sets the tone for the whole trip. Don’t be afraid of adding in your guilty pleasures too! This is your chance to make a soundtrack that you can replay again and again to always remember your amazing trip.

Finally, as you are getting ready for the road trip make sure to research all the available stops along the way. You know, the world’s largest ball of twine type of stuff. It’s true that it’s not just the destination, it’s the journey so make the journey one to remember. 

Rub a Dub Dub

There is nothing like a trip to the spa! Getting a facial, manicure, pedicure, and all the other spa treatments are sure to help you reduce stress and look great. But, let’s be real. It’s not practical or financially sound to make regular trips to the spa. 

This is why we suggest you bring the spa to you! Plan time each week to pamper yourself with things you can do right in the comfort of your own home. Start the night with some calming music, leave your phone on ‘do-not-disturb’, and grab that book you’ve been neglecting to read. 

After you’ve slathered on a face mask on, go ahead and hop in the tub for a nice soak. But don’t just throw in any old soap in there to make it bubbly, treat yourself to a bath bomb. Bubbly Belle newest arrivals will not only make you feel relaxed, but they will give you all the benefits of melatonin, vitamin C, and collagen!

Treat Yourself

After a long hard day it can be so nice to come home and have a nice glass of wine. But have you ever noticed that most wines do not include a nutrition label that shows how much sugar is in a serving?

We know you have been working so hard all week to eat well. It makes it tricky when you don’t know what is in what you’re consuming. But it’s so important to still have treats along the way because that’s the key to sticking to your diet.

Don’t you worry, we’ve got just the solution for you! Bev is a delicious sugar free wine. The best part is that they were able to do this with no additives or artificial sugars. And did we mention it’s delicious?

So go ahead and make yourself an epic charcuterie board to nosh on while you sip on your Bev soaking up the last bits of summer. 

Prioritize Your Health

Nothing says ‘end of summer’ like everyone’s favorite guessing game…’is it the cold or just allergies?’. The sneezing. The sore throat. The coughing. The sneezing. You know exactly what we’re talking about.

It’s crucial to take care of yourself because the common cold is contagious and now’s the time to boost your immunity and do what you can to avoid getting the cold. We’re guessing you’ve heard this one before but the best defense is to wash your hands often and especially if you’ve been in contact with someone that’s not feeling well. 

Even after all of your best efforts, it’s often a high probability that you could end up catching the cold. We recommend Genexa because they are the first clean medicine company and offer clean alternatives to traditional over-the-counter options you may see at your local drug store.

Settle In With a Good Show

Many self-care activities include you preparing for something or participating in something but we think you’ll like this one. This one takes the least amount of effort and still gives you maximum self-care relaxation results.

Here’s our two-step process. First select your favorite show or movie on Hulu then, well, that’s it actually. You can chill in your bed, relax on the couch, or even catch up on the latest episode of your favorite show in the pick-up line at your kid’s school.

If you’re asking us, there’s nothing better than having no plans and binging a show. The only way to make this better is to get food delivered so you don’t have to worry about cooking our dishes.

You are sure to feel better after a day of watching Hulu. There was even a study done at the University of California that found watching tv can reduce the stress hormone called cortisol.

Make Self Care a Non-Negotiable

Having a good self-care routine enables you to be your most productive, energetic, and all-around happiest self. When you are intentional and make the time for yourself it allows you to be kinder to yourself because you won’t feel guilty for not doing other things.

So as you hold on to the last moments of summer, take the time for yourself. Go ahead and make the plans for your road trip before the rush of the holiday. Or you could simply take a bath, sip your wine, take a stress gummy, and catch up on Hulu.

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