Make your spring more memorable and cheerful by making some projects. With this warm temperature will make you feel more creative than last winter. There will be many activities that you can do and spring crafts that you produce. Actually the idea is wide and unlimited. There are many spring craft ideas that you can work on. The materials used also vary. This time we will talk about spring crafts made of wood. Wood projects for spring will look unique and bring a rustic feel to your home decor. This will not only enhance the look of your room, but it will also prove your creativity.

As we know, wood is a versatile material. For wood projects in the spring, there are many things you can make. From spring wall decorations to ornaments that are synonymous with spring. The easiest way is to make a spring sign. All you need is just a wood board then you can write some “spring” words there. Such as welcome, hello spring, Easter, thank you, and more. You can play color with them. Another idea is to use wood to make boxes for your beautiful flower arrangements or spring planters. You can also make spring photo frames from wood. Moreover, spring will not be complete without its ornaments. You can make ornaments in the form of flowers, birds, rabbits, butterflies, even you make wreath from wood. Here are some wood project ideas for spring. They are simple to make and will surely impress your guests. Let’s get started!

This spring craft is made using wooden slice material so it looks very aesthetic. The creator added a bouquet of flowers on the front of this wooden slice so it looks very beautiful and stunning. Wooden Slice Ornament from @bolboreta.craftyhead.

This bunny ornament made using wooden logs looks simple and manages to present an attractive natural look. Currently you can place it in the indoor area so it will be the center of attention. Wooden Log Bunny from @kerteshazmagazin.

Creative and inspiring! This coaster is made using wooden slice material so it’s easier and cheaper. The creator added a floral pattern by hand painting it so it looks very beautiful and suitable for the spring theme. Hand Painted Coaster from @carlacochua.

Take a look at this spring craft! Made with a project using a wooden cutting board will make it look creative and different from the usual. Decorated with pockets decorated with flower arrangements will make it so beautiful. Wooden Cutting Board Craft from @rebeccavirginiadiy.

This house bird ornament, which is made using wooden materials, manages to present an attractive, rustic appearance. You can place it on the table so that it can be exposed perfectly. Wooden Bird House from @maryslittlelamb02.

This wooden plank with bunny ornament and flower arrangement looks attractive and perfect for a spring theme. Equipped with a rope at the top, will make it look more beautiful and attractive. Hanging it on the wall will make your wall stand out more. Wooden Wall Hanging from @junkdrawerhobbies.

Interesting right ? This flower vase is made using wooden block material which is painted white. Now you can use it to arrange tulip flowers in this flower vase so it looks stunning. Wooden Bock Vase from @rusti_cor.

Presenting an egg ornament is a great idea for spring. Now you can gift it in the form of an egg ornament so it looks creative. Placing it on the table will bring its own charm. Wooden Egg Ornament from @theglitzypear.

This spring art in the form of hand painted which was made on a wooden slice succeeded in presenting a beautiful and enchanting appearance. Now you can place it on the table so it will catch the attention of everyone who sees it. Wooden Slice Art from @the_inscrutable_twins.

Take a look at this spring centerpiece! Made using a rectangular shaped wooden box, it manages to present a natural look. Then you can use it to plant green grass and tulips so that it looks more beautiful and fresh. Wooden Centerpiece from @stephmarietaylor_.

Flower ornaments and bunny ornaments made using wooden materials will present a unique and creative appearance. Painted with several color combinations, will make it look more festive and suitable for a spring theme. Flower and Bunny Ornament from

This carrot ornament is made using wooden material so that it will present an attractive rustic appearance. Painted in orange will make it look real. Carrot Garland from @tokkidesignart.

This wall hanging has a flower-like shape that makes it look more attractive. Made using wooden material and painted using an Ombre theme and decorated with flower patterns, it looks extraordinary. Flower Shape Wall Hanging from @homeroad.

This house number is made using wooden plank and decorated with flower containers to make it look more beautiful. Here you can fill it with flower arrangements so that it will look perfect in spring. Wooden House Number from @carlycloses.

Look at this one door hanger! Made using wooden material will make it look aesthetically pleasing with a natural touch. The owner added a flower pattern made by hand painted so that it succeeds in presenting a perfect artistic value. Wooden Door Hanger from @ifthesignfits.

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