Wood is a part of home decoration that serves you so homey and warm feeling. It looks wonderful either on holidays or regular days. Thus, here we have some references for DIY Charming Rustic Christmas Wood Projects For Your Amazing Home.

Wooden Stocking Door Hanger

To create this craft, you will need many supplies that will give you a precious result. You will need a sheet of sanded plywood, pine board, bright steel finish nails, hammer, wood glue, jigsaw, miter saw, yardstick, tape measure, pencil, clamps, sanding block, picture hanging kit, white chalk finish paint, painter’s tape, metallic gold spray paint, rust-oleum chalkboard paint, paintbrush, chalk, cordless brad nailer, and brad nails. Anyway, you can use an ordinary stocking for this idea but it will not stand like this. So try to create and everyone will amazed.

Oversized Wood Bead Garland

Oversized wood bead garland DIY Charming Rustic Christmas Wood Projects For Your Amazing Home

This fun and colorful project will decorate your home for holidays and beyond. This wood bead garland needs a round wood ball, square wood cube, leather cording, drill, drill bit, a scrap piece of wood, gripping pliers, sandpaper, fusion mineral paints, and a paintbrush.

Wooden Christmas Trees

If your home has a farmhouse rustic style then this project is greatly perfect for you. These easy-peasy to make wood slice Christmas trees are gorgeous to your mantel or tabletop. The materials are wood slices, foam cones, hot glue, glue gun, brown paint, and paintbrush.

Snowflake Wall Shelf

Now you can present snow in a captivating way with this snowflake wall shelf. You will need 18+ feet of 1×4 (you can use 18 feet of lumber), nail gun, glue, miter saw, and clamp.

Wooden Christmas Row Houses With Lights

Let you and your kids love to see this project at Christmas that shining on your home. The supplies needed for this project are rustic birdhouse wood panels. Craft paint, cardstock, vellum, assorted colors, fine tip glue pen, assorted miniatures, battery operated fairy lights, mod podge, and glitter snow.

Holiday Tree Marquee Sign

This Christmas sign is perfectly cool where you will need a raw piece of plywood, stain hue of choice, pencil, painter’s tape delicate surfaces, white acrylic paint, a drill, and a foam brush.

Personalized Wood Christmas Sign

Personalized wood christmas sign DIY Charming Rustic Christmas Wood Projects For Your Amazing Home

Say hello to Santa by creating this project. This project will need a wood frame with white paint, circuit maker machine, knife blade attachment, strong grip, silicone non-stick pressing mat – Cricut iron-on protective sheet, red iron, gold iron, basswood, painters’ tape, black paint, hot glue, and a glue gun.


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