Get your exterior windows decoration to appear more eye-catching this winter. You can add oversized pieces and or upholstered ornaments to upgrade the windows look. Or other options, you can add some handmade flair. A window is one of the most important parts of a house that someone will see. So, decorate it for Christmas seems challenging due to it has similar look to the door. In this section, we give you ideas to improve your windows’ look.


Windows With String Lights

The string lights that are arranged into a heard shape look beautiful for an outsider Christmas window decoration idea. Hanging together with the wreath will make it look prettier and succeed in attracting attention. Heart Shape String Light Window Decor from @turquoisehomeunique.

Window With Lighted Frame

The white string light that adorns the outer window frame will bring a beautiful light at night. The owner added JOY and snowflakes accents so it will make this window decoration look extraordinary. White Lighted Window Frame from @lovebirdvintageshop.

Remarkable ! This outer window is decorated with colorful string lights on the frame so that it will present an extraordinary view. This outside window decoration idea is very interesting to try and can make winter decorations even more festive. Colorful Lighted Window Frame from @crestedbuttecolors.

Snowflake Outside

Well. In this picture, we see a room with snowflakes made of waterproof papers outside. Regardless that there are real amounts of snow outside but the snowflakes tell us more about winter and Christmas taste. Paper Snowflake Window Decor from @mikaylapeterson7818.

This snowflake ornament is equipped with neon lights that will make it look beautiful. Hanging it on an outside window makes for a great winter look and steals the show. Lighted Snowflake from @shinymoonbeams.

Simple Wreath For Windows

This red berry wreath looks especially beautiful for decorating an outside window in winter. The creator added a star accent as a decoration so that it looks very beautiful without being overdone. Red Berries Wreath from @norskeknitwear.

Evergreen Christmas Window Wreath

Wreaths made using evergeeen will present a very beautiful and refreshing natural look. The creator decorated it with a colorful Christmas tree and bow to make it look festive. Finally, you can hang it on the outside window. Evergreen Wreath with Bow from @suzziequeue1.

This outside window looks beautiful with the evergreen wreath that is hung using a rope. This Evergreen will add a natural and fresh look to your window making it look perfect at Christmas celebrations. Hanging Evergreen Wreath from @tallwoodcountryhouse.

Christmas Window Lights Decoration

Look at the bottom of this window that glows at night. This window box also looks great with plants and string lights. Not only that, the window frame is also decorated with string lights so it looks festive. String Light Windows Decor from @raywintle.

The outside windows look shining and are amazing at night. Evergreen displayed on the window box and decorated with string lights will make your Christmas window look livelier. Lighted Evergreen Windows Decor from @theludlowflowerfarmer.

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