Ladies and gentlemen, have you known that wine bottle crafts are an exciting way to upcycle a perfectly functional glass container? Depending on your creativity, the upcycled wine bottles can completely change their shape in a half or flattering wine bottles. Here are the creative ideas for using wine bottles that are stunning to shine in your home. All the ideas are collected in Unexpectedly Aesthetic DIY Wine Bottle Crafts That Magically Shining.

Repurpose A Wine Bottle Into A Hanging Light

Repurpose a wine bottle into a hanging light Unexpectedly Aesthetic DIY Wine Bottle Crafts That Magically Shining


Here is the most impressive way for you to upcycle wine bottles. Use them completely as unexpected applications. You can make a lampshade or a hanging light fixture with wine bottles since they are made of glass. So, it is definitely perfect.

Ombre Effect Paint

Ombre effect paint Unexpectedly Aesthetic DIY Wine Bottle Crafts That Magically Shining


It is also one of the versatile ways to show your wine bottle craft with paint. It has an ombre effect paint that perfectly conceals the wine bottle and offers an expensive vase look.

Wine Bottle Platter

You will always feel impressed with this wine bottle platter. Start to create this platter by flattening glass bottles into a slumping. Meanwhile, there are a few different ways to do like it commonly involves the use of a kiln.

Boho Centerpiece

Here you can create a boho centerpiece with hand paint intricate details. Take a set of three wine bottles and decorate them with different white accents for an eclectic set of vases. You may need stencils, some lace, and 3D stickers to create this idea.

Textured Surface With Puff Paint Wine Bottle

To make this craft, pick up a matte paint and coat the entire surface. Then, one dry, just use the same color of puff paint and add in some texture.

Wine Bottles Herb Garden

Here are the wine bottles that help you grow an herb garden. You can start by cutting them into two pieces and turn them upside-down. After that place it on the other end and finish each bottle with a chalkboard label. You can also use this style for a planter as well, like aloe vera or succulents.

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