In this session, you will open your mind to create a gorgeous cheap DIY decoration made from pennies. You can create gorgeous frames, mirrors, and vases with pennies’ ideas. All the ideas are collected in Remarkable DIY Decoration Ideas You Can Make At Home With Pennies.

Penny Photo Frames

Penny photo frames Remarkable DIY Decoration Ideas You Can Make At Home With Pennies


This is a pretty craft to beautify your little ones or your family photo. The supplies you need to create these penny photo frames are a photo frame, some pennies, and a strong glue-like epoxy or other super glue. The superglue will help you to make this photo frame settle because it took a little while to dry. You can just simply glue the pennies down to cover the area of the frame you want.

Penny Starburst Mirror

Penny starburst mirror Remarkable DIY Decoration Ideas You Can Make At Home With Pennies


This penny starburst mirror is super cheap and fun to learn. To create this captivating mirror, you will need a mirror with a flat frame, simple plywood circle, pennies, and glue. Before you start creating this starburst mirror, make sure you have cleaned the pennies to make it shine. After that dry-fitting, the first row and glue them all. You may play around a little and created a pattern switching between fronts and backs of the pennies. To create more dimension, you may add a second level to the first row.

White Penny Vase

To create this white penny vase, you will need hundreds of pennies, an empty oatmeal container, hot glue, and a can of spray paint. So, you will need no money to create this if you have all the materials. It is a super easy project where you have to make sure you line your pennies up right up next to the seal of the container.

Penny Letters Home Decoration

This word art form penny craft is definitely gorgeous and shining to be put on your home decoration. The supplies you need to create this penny letters home decoration are pennies, craft glue, spray shiny finish, foam brushes, bronze metallic paint, paper letters.

Penny Tiled Mirror

To create this penny tiled mirror, what you can do is just the same with penny starburst mirror. One thing that different is that you need more pennies to cover the mirror frame which is larger than the penny starburst mirror.

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