Buying a new ring at a jewelry store might cost much. What about making it by hand? Yes. It is possible to make a ring. Furthermore, you can add your personal touches as well. Prepare the tools and supplies like the blank ring, hot glue, and others according to the style. We give you our list of DIY ring ideas with unique shapes to inspire you. Check them out below and choose your favorite one!

Homemade Fabric Button Rings

Homemade Fabric Button Rings


If you have plenty of fabric buttons on the drawer, it will be nice to use them to make rings. You can completely customize them with your favorite shapes. Those rings will add a pop of colors to your fingers.

DIY Leather Bow Ring

First, make the bow using dark leather. Second, attach it to the blank ring. Then, you will get a new ring to wear for a casual style. It is an easy project. A DIY newbie can finish it in minutes.

DIY Living Succulent Ring

It is a unique ring that anyone will Adobe. The living succulents will not live forever, but this ring is perfect for a special occasion. Whenever you want to wear it again, you should attach a new succulent to it.

Homemade Clay Dream Ring

Making this project might need several minutes. You will need polymer clays, beads, and coins. Design it as you like. Use beads to shape stars and the moon. Customize the clay color you want.

DIY Elastic Sparkly Ring

You will need cubic zirconia and beads to make this ring. You can give it to your friend because this ring is adjustable. So, you don’t need to measure your friend’s finger. What do you think? Cool, right? Follow more instructions here to make your version.

DIY Wire Wrapped Crystal Ring

Use the type of crystal you have. Wrap it with a gold wire. Then, attach that combination to the blank ring! This beautiful ring looks expensive, right? Spruce up your style with it and be more confident!









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