Jewelry really enhances the grace and beauty of women. Therefore, it is a great time for you to check all ideas of jewelry made out of feathers below.

DIY Feather Fascinator

Diy feather fascinator Awe-Inspiring DIY Jewelry Ideas Made From Feather


Let your appearance has a fascinated party look with this DIY feather fascinator. You would love having and wearing this feather piece of jewelry on your head. Not only for the party look, but you can also dress it up with casual dresses. The supplies you need are 2 bags of short craft feathers, a blank headband, a sheet of craft felt, glue, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler.

Boho Leather Feather Earrings

 boho leather feather earrings Awe-Inspiring DIY Jewelry Ideas Made From Feather


It is an idea to reuse or recycle leather scrap from your craft store to make these boho-style leather earrings. Start by drawing a feather pattern on the piece of leather and cutting it at the desired angle. After that, use clasps or jump rings to join these customized feathers with earring hooks. Next, add a little copper chain along with a leather wing to give these ear hoops a stylish look.

Homemade Feather Necklace

This quick and easy DIY textured necklace uses the white cord and pheasant feathers that are good for daily use and party. You can give the necklet an ideal look with knotting after attaching the wings with a cord using pliers and jump rings. After all, you would love to craft this new and unique style necklace with your creativity and affordable supplies. The supplies are paracord, 3 small compression sleeves, 3 8mm end caps, 3 jump rings, glue, sharp scissors, tape, pliers, and feathers.

DIY Feather Bracelet

If you want to enjoy a chic and bohemian look at your part, you can create this beautiful and trending bracelet using faux feathers and an old bracelet. Here, you do not need to put extra effort into DIYing these armlets. On the other hand, it requires minimum supplies and craft materials. The supplies are craft feathers and a metal bangle. After that, you can use glue or mod podge to attach the pheasant wings to the upcycled bracelet.

DIY Feather Brooch

Through this project, you will have a vibrant look with a customized feather brooch. You can craft this project by using fake wings and faux flowers. Besides, you can also craft the flowers for this brooch by yourself with a grosgrain ribbon. After that, use a hair clip to attach this ornament to the bags, hats, and other DIY accessories. Last, embellish this brooch with sequin lace for a perfect astonishing look.

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