Jewelry items are important for women and men. Rather than buy some items from the store that will need much money, it will be much better to make bracelets, rings, or other items by hand. Using resin material will be a nice idea. Resin accessories are versatile and never out of date. You are free to mix and match them with any fashion style. In this part, we give you our DIY jewelry ideas that you can make. Check out further!

DIY Nail Polish Charms

Diy nail polish charms


Can you believe these jewelry items are made by hand? Use these items to make a bracelet, necklace pendant, and or ring to get a timeless accessory. Moreover, these pretty items will not need much money. Just use your nail polish.

Resin and Wood Pendant

Combining resin and wood as the basic material of necklace pendants is a great idea. You can make a similar pendant style. Feel free to customize the resin color and pattern. See, how cool the pendants in this picture.

DIY Pretty Sparkling Jewelry Sets

These fun pieces are all you need to upgrade your style every day. The creator makes a beautiful necklace pendant and earrings. Having these pieces will never make you upset. Combine with your everyday style will be a nice idea.

Bugs in Resin

Whether you want to make these resins for your necklace pendant or just put them as beautiful accents, bugs look unique. No matter what shape you make with the bugs, these resin DIYs are pretty awesome to upgrade your style.

Confetti Resin Jewelry DIY

Confetti resin jewelry DIYs are awesome as a necklace pendant, ring stone, or bracelet. These pieces work well to wear for a celebration or party. You are free to wear them for everyday style as well. Those resin pieces are versatile and pretty.

DIY Fruit-Filled Resin Pendant

Do you love one kind of fruit? You can use them as resin pendants as well. In this picture, we see a beautiful kiwi pendant for a beautiful necklace. Wearing this pretty necklace will make you appear different and stylish. Love other fruits? Just try!

DIY Colorful Resin Earrings

Improve your style every day by changing the accessories. These earrings are made of resin with colorful touches. Even you are free to customize the size and shape. The picture shows star earrings, hoop earrings, and other shapes that look pretty for your ears.

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