If you are tired of your phone falling on your face as you try to hold it at night to watch videos. Well, it is really possible to make some DIY projects that will be functional to your living needs including the DIY phone stand that will be your solution. Without further ado, check all the ideas on DIY Functional Trouble-Free Phone Stand Ideas To Create.

DIY Kids Phone Stand

DIY Functional Trouble-Free Phone Stand Ideas To Create


DIY kids phone stand will bring joy to your kid’s world. You can ask your children to join in creating this phone stand with paperboard, glue, and marker or pen.

Fabric Scraps DIY Phone Stand

DIY Functional Trouble-Free Phone Stand Ideas To Create


This DIY phone stand will take a little more of your time but the results will be more than worth it. The materials you need are fabric for outer, inner, and low loft. After that, you will need chipboard, snaps, spray adhesive, sewing machine, thread, hand-sewing needle, iron, and scissors.

DIY Crochet Phone Stand

This phone stand project needs your crocheting skills. The result of this project is soft and cute. It trains your patience and mood in crocheting phone stand. You will need a hook and yarn.

Concrete Unique Phone Stand

It is a beautifully adorned hand sculpture that presents as a unique accessory. You can add some gold specks to add depth and color to the piece. People will see your craft is expensive. It is yes expensive by its creativity. Here, you will have a phone stand that is pretty and functional. The supplies you need are Quikrete 10 lb. Mortar Mix, plastic or rubber glove, and mixing bowl.

Phone Pillow Stand

In creating a phone pillow stand you will need a phone stand sewing pattern, fabric piece of cotton, matching thread, short thin ribbon for the loop, stuffing, polyester pellet, scissors, ruler, swing clips, iron, ironing board, marking pen, and sewing machine.

Fancy Desk Stand With Scrap Wood

This project will allow you to display your phone upright in quick and easy access throughout the day. Moreover, It is also perfect for a hands-free facetime as your phone charges. Here, the clip is the perfect touch and will allow space for reminders, motivational quotes, and to-do lists.

DIY Rustic Phone Stand

DIY Functional Trouble-Free Phone Stand Ideas To Create


It is a timeless wood phone stand that would be great for any of your decorations. The materials are some wood, wood glue, dowels, and basic tools. You can grab a can of wood stain that matches your rest furniture so people will think it was bought as a set. Whereas, you are the one who creates the phone stand yourself.

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