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DIY T-Shirt Makeover Ideas For Teens And Adults Fashion Update

Do you have plenty of T-shirts that already out of date in your closet? Why don’t you makeover them look brand new? This budget-friendly project can be done in less than an hour and easy to do even for a beginner. Do you want to know more? Let us check our DIY T-shirt makeover ideas that will make teenagers’ and adults’ fashion look more up to date! Here they are:

Mix and Match Style for Anthropologie Copycat

Mix and match style for anthropologie copycat


This Anthropologie t-shirt works well for any casual style. The creator cuts some paper into the patterns she likes. Then, the felts are cut following the paper patterns. Then, she attaches the felt to the red t-shirt. And… look at the pretty makeover! Cool, huh?

DIY Makeover T-shirt With Crochet

This cool T-shirt style is added by pretty white crochet. To make this T-shirt, you need to be able to make a crochet. Cut two sides of your white T-shirt and change with white crochets. Though it is not a hard project, you should pay attention to the crochet to not break apart.

DIY Butterfly Tee

Choose the t-shirt that you want to makeover. In this picture, the creator uses the bright grey one. Cut the back part and twist the center part. Then, sew it back again. Feel free to customize it by adding some glitters or anything.

No-Sew Lattice T-Shirt DIY

What you need to make this pretty cool T-shirt is not a hard thing. Just cut out the shoulder part and add some studs. The materials you need to prepare are the T-shirt that you want to makeover, scissors, a ruler, chalk, and studs.

DIY Easy Laced Up Collar Sleeves

Take your black T-shirt or any color you want to makeover. Cut the shoulder, neck, sleeve part of it. Then, attach the Eyelets to replace all the parts that you have cut before. To make this creative DIY T-shirt makeover you need to prepare a Dritz Plier Set, Two-Part Eyelet Kit, Eyelets, and of course the T-shirt.

DIY T-Shirt With Flutter Flower

Look at this pretty shirt with a flutter flower. You can makeover your old T-shirt to look brand new with this simple style. Just attach the flutter flower in any part you like. First of all, you can make your own flutter flower or just buy it from the nearest store.


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