Do you have any old t-shirt that you don’t want to wear again? If yes, don’t throw that away because you can still make use of it by doing some creative hacks so that you can remodel it. Get a new look that may will be more impressive on your t-shirt because of the style that has adjusted with your own personal taste and imagination. It will be fun because you can design it your self and as if you are being a fashion stylish.

You won’t be imagine that this DIY t-shirt hacks can be designed into so many different styles and looks. You can style it to have casual look or the chic one just based on your personality. Don’t forget to adjust your ability when choosing the style because some of the design may will need more effort to be done. Choose the right difficulties level so that it can be fun for you.

T-shirt hack with braid in back
Beautiful shirt with ties on the side
Beautiful torn t-shirt in black
Black t-shirt with a torn on arm for women
Black t-shirt with a torn in the midle
Black t-shirt with a torn in the middle of breast to perfect your style
Blue t-shirt with pretty ruffle in the middle
Bright t-shirt combined with wrinkle on the bottom
Pink t-shirt with woven fringe on the bottom
Dark colored t-shirt with a torn in the middle of breast
T-shirt in light green with ruffle in front  
Oversized gray t-shirt with wide shoulder
Grey t-shirt combined with lace in under
Oversized grey tank top hack with ties in back
Grey tank top with back cross on behind
Grey t-shirt with ties in back
Perfect torn t-shirt in back
Perfect t-shirt hack with torn in back and then braided for different look
Yellow t-shirt hack with wrinkle on sleeve
Red sleeveless t-shirt for women with braid on side
Grey sleeveless t-shirt
Sleeveless t-shirt in green
Sleeveless t-shirt in light blue with fringe on the bottom
Sleeveless t-shirt in maroon with ribbon on neck
Sleeveless t-shirt in white with fringe on sleeve
Striped t-shirt with tie-front
T-shirt with a torn in back
V-neck t-shirt in black
Gray t-shirt with braid style in back
White t-shirt with rolled up idea

Most of this DIY hack t-shirt are done by giving some cutouts in certain side based on the design. Anyway, you can add it with some other ornament like lace or other fabric materials. You may need to sew it a little bit for some design but most of those don’t need to be sewn up and just need to be roped. Make it into ribbon shape and get the pretty chic impression. Twist the cutouts t-shirt is also great, or you can give pierced into it and get the casual look.

Take your intention into the pictures above and you can see that you can combine your t-shirt hack with some different kinds or clothing. It will be match if you wear trousers, short pants, jeans, or even the skirt. You can wear it to do sport like running or go to the gym. Since t-shirt is very comfortable to worn then you can wear it in flexible way. To wear it as layered for your other top can be great as well. Just do whatever you wanna do and express your imagination freely.

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