Even though the garage has a dirty and unorganized spot impression, but let us change that image by starting to do some projects to deal with the problem. Here, you need to focus on how to manage your stuff first since there must be so many appliances and all of your mechanic things. After your stuff is managed well, then you can start to deal with the cleanliness that can be tricked with certain things. Also, don’t forget with your garage door to maintain the safety of your garage. You can ask for the garage door experts to get the best and proper one.

Let us start with your appliances first! The best thing to deal with this is by providing your garage with cabinets, racks, or storage. Those organizer can be placed on the floor or if your space is too narrow you can set it to be hung on the wall. If you want to hang the appliances, better for you to use the pegboard because you can hang your racks or storage in flexible way for the placement.

If you have lots of stuff in the garage, using pegboard will be a very useful DIY project for you to deal with those stuff. With some racks and cabinet installed on the pegboard, it will be easier for you to store and reuse the items you have saved because it is very practical and easy.

Garage is a very suitable place to store all the items in your home. One of these is a very functional garden tool storage rack. With this project you can easily store your garden tools in the garage.

This is a very extraordinary idea. A portable garage storage rack is always good as you can move the rack easily. The storage added in the rack might help you to organize your garage more neatly.

Corner racks are good because they take advantage of the underutilized space. This is a very extraordinary project to store your things in the garage. With this wooden storage rack, you can easily make your own to save money. 

This DIY wooden project is made to organize your garage to be neater. This is a super simple workbench that has medium dimensions. With a small table size can be placed in various corners in your garage.

This DIY garage organizer is amazing. With pegboards placed on the wall which is allowing you to save the space in your garage. And make it easier for you to store and reuse the items you have used.

This is an easy hanging and cabinet project that will make your garage more organized and efficient. You can make it yourself using wood. With a medium design, this storage fits in the wall.

This DIY storage project is very simple and easy for your garage. The old wooden planks with several holes drilled make it a good screwdriver storage area. This will make your garage more organized.

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From the design pictures above, you can see that the look of the garages are all in neat clean impression. Basically the designs are set with clean and bright color scheme that will completely never fail you to give clean impression. However, if you have got the right furniture for your clean garage image, don’t forget to keep your things clean because your clean furniture won’t be durable if you don’t keep its cleanliness.

If you can provide proper cabinet and storage in your garage, you can even put your other appliances inside. Your gardening tools will also worthy to be placed inside your garage because commonly your garage is located near with your garden so that your gardening tools can be more durable if you keep it inside and not to be exposed by the weather. Go have a try for your own garage project.

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