Teenagers have plenty of shoes in their wardrobe. However, most of them are most commonly worn by other teens outside. Buying limited-edition shoes will cost much. As teens, they might have to collect money from various part-time jobs, well not all. What about makeover the shoes they have with simple and easy touches. As this article lists show you later on with DIY shoe makeover ideas that anyone can do. Check out further!

DIY Flamingo Shoe Makeover

Diy flamingo shoe makeover


If she has white canvas shoes, that’s great information. White canvas shoes are versatile and easy to makeover in various styles. In this picture, we see cute flamingo shoes that look so cute. You need to prepare some markers with various colors.

DIY Watercolor Sneakers for Girls or Boys

Watercolor DIYs are easy to do and need not much money. Make sure you have white sneakers as the basic materials. Then, prepare any color you want to upgrade your sneakers’ appearance. Feel free to choose bold, bright, or pastel colors for your new style.

DIY Retro Canvas Shoe Makeover

Retro styles will never go out of date. As seen in the picture, there are retro canvas shoes that will make you look awesome. Sure, these shoes are makeovered by hand. You only need to add retro patterns on the shoes with markers.

DIY Spray Paint Shoes Makeover

These cute shoes are nice to wear for formal or non-formal occasions. The creators change black shoes becomes pink by spraying paint. Then, she attached a pendant to each shoe with hot glue. Wait… you don’t like pink? Sure, just try other colors you want.

DIY Ballet Flat Makeover

Again, you can use spray paints to change the top of these ballet flats in peach. Look! Isn’t it so cute? The creators add lace to separate the peach and black parts. These flats look more eye-catching right now and you can wear them anywhere.

Shoe Makeover With Acrylic Paint

Less effort but more results. What do you think? Firstly, these are black shoes. The creators use acrylic paint to upgrade the look. Nothing to do more, the shoes are more interesting right now with a new color. You don’t have to buy new ones, do you?

Summer Sneakers DIY

White sneakers are easy to makeover. Look at this picture with summer sneakers for all gender. See how these shoes will upgrade your style. Summer camp with these shoes will be a great idea.

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