Do you love winter? Whether you see now outside right now or just someone who wants to grab snow indoor, this article has something to show to everyone. DIY snowman ideas. You can make snowmen for kid’s crafts, home decor items, or even sell your crafts online. In this section, we have gathered DIY snowman ideas that are effortless and budget-friendly. If you are one of the snowman lovers, this list might inspire you. Check them out further below!

DIY Snowman Ornaments

Diy snowman ornaments


Bottle caps might no recognize by most people. Don’t they know that those unrecognize things can be repurposed to become a cute DIY snowman ornament? Three bottle caps, paint them in white, and attach them to each other. Then, you get a new ornament for your home decor.

Clay Pot Snowman Decoration

You may need several hours to make a clay pot snowman like this picture. First, paint an old clay in white. Let it dry. After that add the accessories just like googly eyes, nose, scarf, and hat. Feel free to add cute buttons on the body. The snowman is ready.

DIY Homemade Snowman Decorations

Wrap the ball surface with white yarn. Add googly eyes, nose, and mouth to get a snowman to look more alive. Then, hang the little snowman heads to make a garland. And, you will see a great mantle decor with those snowmen. Feel free to mix with other ornaments like snowflakes, ribbons, or bells.

DIY Adorable Fish Bowl Frosty Snowman

You will need two fishbowls. Fill each of them with winter scenes. Then, stack them together to get a snowman shape. Add the accessories like scarves and hats. Put this adorable snowman on your living room table or any nook you want.

DIY Snowman Craft Ikea Baskets

Three IKEA baskets will make you get a cool DIY Snowman. This brilliant idea will not need much money because you can use your IKEA baskets from the laundry room. Then, turn them back after the holiday season. Just add scarves and hats to complete the snowman look.

DIY Wine Cork Snowman Ornaments

Can you guess the material used to make this snowman ornament? Yes, it uses a wine cork. First, paint the wine cork in white. Then, attach the accessories like googly eyes, nose, and you can add a red pom-pom like this picture. A green ribbon completes it well. Hang the wine cork snowman in a Christmas tree or window.


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