Are you a mother or father who loves making crafts with kids? We have a perfect idea for you. Making slime with your kid this week might become a fun activity. Instead of buying it at a store, it will be better for you to make it by hand. We believe you will love this craft. You might have the tools and supplies in your hand. So, read further and check how to make a DIY slime at home!

Easy recipe for making diy slime 1

First, you have to gather the supplies. We will need laundry detergent, school glue, food coloring or other ins you have, a bowl, measuring cups, a fork, and an airtight container. You can get them all from a craft store. You are lucky enough if all of them are in your kitchen.

Easy recipe for making diy slime 2

Second, take a bowl. Make sure that you use a bowl that is for a craft activity. Don’t use the one that is for saving food. Pour glue school and ins in the bowl. You can use food coloring, action figures, beads, buttons, clay pieces, confetti, essential oils, fake snow, foam beads, glitter, pigment powder, or others. You don’t have to use all of the ins. Just mix what you like. Fake snow with beads, essential oils with glitter, or beads and glitter.

Easy recipe for making diy slime 3

Third, add the activator. In this case, we use detergent. Feel free to use other activators, but detergent is the most suitable supply at home. You might find it in your laundry room. You can make slime by mixing detergent and glue only. Make it more interesting by adding more ins like we have told you in advance.

Easy recipe for making diy slime 4

Fourth, start mixing all supplies with a fork. Stir as the mixture begins to stick together. Repeat this process until the slime is mixed and not sticking to the bowl side anymore. Then, it is ready. You can play it with your kids. What do you think? All the steps are easy, huh? You can do this craft in minutes. Make as many as you want. Oh, you can sell your slime at the store too.


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