Everyone loves gifts, either a man. Men love something that practical. If you want to make a gift for them, consider whether it is useful or not. Think about the design. It usually uses earthy colors, black and white tones, or just dark colors. Give your DIY gift to them on their special moments like a birthday, Father’s day, or other days when they get new jobs. We have collected DIY presents for men that are practical for them. Check out and get inspired!

DIY Mini Beer Crate

Diy mini beer crate



Do you want to make something for your husband? This DIY mini beer crate looks so gorgeous. You can make it by hand in less than an hour. Feel free to customize the size and colors. It only needs a wooden palette, hammer, and nails. Complete it with any accessories you like.

DIY Huge Dart Board

Is he like playing darts? He might miss the target. Then, the arrow will be stuck in a photo, or anywhere near it. Make it safer by adding this dartboard. So, it will stick on the dartboard. It also makes the wall looks more decorative.

DIY Unconventional Chess Set


It is awesome! How can nuts and bolts change conventional chess sets? But, your husband will love it. Furthermore, they will be happy playing this with their friend. Or, you can ask him to play this chess with you this weekend. Make this craft using bolts and nuts in your storage. Then, have fun!

DIY Cool Soap Dispenser


This jack and Daniel’s soap dispenser is easy to refill. He will love this handy soap dispenser. The design looks so cool. Put this in the bathroom sink. It looks so decorative for a room. Creating this DIY project is not hard at all. A newbie can finish it in minutes.

DIY Natural Branch Coaster


Pick up a fallen branch. Then, cut it into some wooden slices. Use those slices as coasters for your husband. They will love their natural sensation. In this project, you don’t need to spend even a penny. It is free and easy.

Personalized Mason Jar for Men


Decorate a mason jar with rope. Then, stamp a personal message on it. This mason jar with “Dad’s Toothpicks” looks so great. You can use the mason jar for keeping other things like “Dad’s candy”, “Dad’s nuts”, or more. This personal mason jar is useful.



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