One thing that can certainly turn a picnic from ordinary to outstanding is the blanket on which you’re sitting. Then, having a good blanket to sit on in the shade of a nice tree. Therefore, check the ideas below to create the most comfortable picnic blanket ever.

DIY Watercolor Picnic Blanket

Diy watercolor picnic blanket Delightful DIY Picnic Blanket Ideas For Everlasting Picnic


You are prepping for cooler fall weather with a punch of color when you have this watercolor throw blanket. The materials you need are a throw blanket, Rit dye in the color of your choice, pitchers for water, paintbrush, and fabric paint.

Bright Fun Picnic Blanket

Bright fun picnic blanket Delightful DIY Picnic Blanket Ideas For Everlasting Picnic


Go fun and bright with this picnic blanket that over you built-in straps so when you did sitting on it, you can roll it up, strap it, and store it easily for the next park day. The materials you need are 3 ½ yards of fabric, 2 yards of heavy fabric like denim, 3 packages of wide single fold bias tape in a coordinating color, 1 package of cotton batting, and 6 inches of Velcro.

DIY Tassel Picnic Blanket

This DIY tassel picnic blanket is easy and possibilities are endless. You can use this for your lovely picnic time. The materials you need are fabric, yarn, needle, thread, adhesive, iron, ironing board, scissors, sewing machine, and a piece of cardboard to make the tassels.

DIY Pineapple Stamped Picnic Blanket

Pineapple stamped picnic blanket is patterned stamp projects that are so fun, easy, and adorable. The materials you need are an extra-large sponge, scissors, marker or pencil, paint, paintbrush, and drop-cloth or tablecloth. So after you cut the sponge into a pineapple shape, you can paint the sponge in any color. After that, stamp it over the cloth.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket From Repurposed Umbrellas

It is exactly a shocking DIY idea where you can create a picnic blanket from the repurposed umbrella. There is a fabric removed from old umbrellas and a sheet or duvet cover. Here, the sheet or duvet cover is on top where you are allowed to choose one with colors and design for aesthetic-pleasing. On the other hand, the umbrella fabric gets patched together for a waterproof bottom that will keep everyone’s bums dry when sitting on damp grass or sand. The materials you need are a twin-sized duvet cover, fabric from four or five umbrellas, a long ruler, permanent marker, fabric shears, seam ripper, pins, and polyester thread.

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