Blankets are awesome for autumn decor. Some people use it in the living room to complete the decoration. You will find thousands of blankets in the market. However, create your own blankets will be so challenging. Further, those elements will add your personal touches and have different look. Make sure that you find the best fabric that will work well with the whole decoration. Let us see the lists of Diy blankets below to get inspiration.

Fringe Blankets

Fringe blankets

This blanket needs not a sewing machine. Just fringe the edge of it. So, it will appear in a new look. The plaid pattern will work well with other elements in the room. Further, it works better for any room decoration.

Old Sweaters Blanket

Old sweater blanket

Upcycle old sweaters into a new blanket. Choose some sweaters that have a similar color tone. You may work with grey, deep blue, or navy. Sew them into a patchwork blanket that will add a warm element to your home.

With Extra Large Pompoms

With extra large pompoms

Let your dog sleep well and get warm using this blanket. You only have to add extra-large pompoms in a plain fabric. Pay attention to decide the same distance for each pompom. So, will you create this blanket by your hand?

Add Some Yarns

Add some yarns

This fleece blanket will add interest to your table decor. Furthermore, you are free to combine this blanket with other home accents. Put this in the living room to add warmth. Feel free to decide the color as you like. This super easy blanket will never out of date.

Fleece Knotted Blanket DIY

Fleece knotted blanket diy

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you still be able to make this blanket. Cut the side part of this blanket. Tie each of fleece by hand. You will love the pattern that so eye-catching. Your cat will love this blanket too.

Embroider Large Patterns

Embroider large patterns

Add large scale embroidery patterns into the blanket. It will add a bohemian feeling but not too much. If you have more free time, add some new colors and patterns will be nice. No sewing machine needed.

Crochet Pattern Blanket

Crochet pattern blanket

The crochet blanket is more than just awesome. It is beautiful, chic, and eye-catching for a room. Further, it adds warmth and calm in your living room decoration. It is easy to make even for the first time you make crochet DIY.

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