Decorating or renovating your home can be exhausting and time-consuming. Also, it raises many questions, from what furniture to take to the color of the walls. One thing that stands out is the floor. It is astonishing how the right flooring can completely change the atmosphere of your apartment or house, creating a little oasis for you and your family. The only thing remaining is, what type of flooring to choose. With the choices ranging from wood to stone, we summed up some of our top suggestions in the text below. 

Feels like the 60’s again, Terrazzo

The hip and fancy Terrazzo flooring with its diverse color patterns is the epitome of chic and unique. The design is a marvel as there aren’t two same patterns. Made from little pieces of marble, concrete, diorite, and similar materials, it creates what we call an astounding patchwork. The groovy and hip look fills the room with great energy, reviving the counterculture of the ’60s in your kitchen or living room. Just imagine how great it would look with some vintage cabinets, and a bicycle hanging from the wall. 

The Classic, Hardwood 

The flooring of your house or apartment greatly depends on the overall interior and design of your home. Nevertheless, classic hardwood goes with pretty much everything and the only question remaining is the pattern you’ll choose. You can also pick the type of wood such as oak or similar materials. It is known to be pretty durable and lasts for quite a while, creating a room with a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. 

If you are trying to be eco-friendly, hardwood does no good to the environment. Honestly, the material is a hundred percent natural, meaning a couple of trees were sacrificed for your home. Therefore, we suggest a new type of wood flooring that has proven itself sustainable and great for the environment. Engineered hardwood comes with its perks. Firstly, it is made of several pieces of different wood, compressed together creating a hard and durable material. It is environmentally friendly as it saves more trees and there is less waste. 

Some might argue about its quality, yet it has proven more than long-lasting, water-resistant and even the patterns of several different layers are creating a prettier overall mosaic and unique design. It’s definitely worth considering. 

The Upper Echelon, Marble 

Marble has always been a staple of wealth and great taste. If you are on a budget, maybe you should consider granite as an alternative, as it offers similar quality and properties with a more realistic price ticket. Yet, when it comes to marble, the quality stays top-notch and on spot. Marble comes in a variety of colors and has proven to be more than sturdy as lately discovered Roman villas from the 5th or 6th century BC have marble flooring. It has a reputation of being a status symbol, beautiful in its texture, and overall resistant to most damage. Still, it comes at a certain price. 

Hardwoods Counterpart, Laminate 

Calling it hardwood’s counterpart might suggest laminate has real wood in it, yet it does not. It resembles hardwood and imitates its design and pattern. It is a synthetic multilayer product imagined as a cheaper variation. The thing with laminate is it has come a long way in the past couple of years as new technology allows for a better quality product. Nowadays it offers similar durability and resistance to hardwood, and also a higher percentage of water absorption. Laminate now is even suitable for floor heating, depending on the model, and is decorating most houses and office space because of the great price-quality ratio.

Honorable Mentions, Vinyl and Linoleum 

Most people rarely distinguish these materials as they are similar in design and texture. Yet, Linoleum is made from renewable and natural materials with zero environmental waste, making it the better choice for our planet, while Vinyl is made from synthetic lab-made materials. Both materials are cheap, affordable, and easy to apply. Both materials are comfortable under the foot, are resilient and durable, with Vinyl being more DIY which is not the case with the other one. Vinyl also comes at a hundred percent water resistance which is not the case with linoleum. Both materials have a lifespan of about forty years, with linoleum keeping its color with the proper maintenance much longer than its counterpart. Vinyl is known to yellow over time. Whatever you choose, it will certainly look great. 

Choosing the right flooring seems like a lot of stress, especially with the varieties available. One little advice we can give is to consider concrete as more and more spaces are going for the option. As you might think, durability is unprecedented though it feels less cozy and a bit colder. Anyway, though flooring makes up most of the space in your home, with the right decoration and furniture everything can look great. 

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