Plates on the table might be less noticed by people. However, they will be so artistic after we paint them. Then, they will directly become the focal interest of table decor. Dishes with flower patterns and colorful touches will look so artistic. Furthermore, they will not only show meals but become decorative accents as well. In this article, we have gathered DIY painting dishes that will spruce up your plates. Check them out further below and get inspired.

DIY Painted and Decoupaged Dishes

Diy painted and decoupaged dishes


These dishes look more artistic after they are painted, stenciled, and decoupaged an image on them. Well, this is not an easy project to do and will take many hours. However, you will love the result as seen in the picture. Display them on the desk in your living room will change your decor.

Plates With Stenciled Leaves

Customize the pattern as you like but the leaves look more live. See this picture that shows pretty dishes with beautiful leaves patterns. Feel free to create the background as you like. Whether stripes, diagonals, or stars, or other things you like. Combine the background and leaves.

Use Paint Marker

Show your hand-drawing skills through this project. Use a paint marker to create a beautiful pattern like this picture.

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Combine the technique with a stencil. So, you will get pretty similar patterns for the whole place surface. Of course, this project will not spend a lot of money.

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What you need to prepare are the paper, paint marker, and dish.

Painted Peacock Feather Plates

Seeing peacock feathers will make us remember the sounds of nature. Peacocks are pretty. Even just the feather that is painted on a plate. Use a stencil to get a pretty peacock feather on the dish. Feel free to make a more colorful and stylish one. This project will upgrade your home because the plate will work well with your theme.

Painted Snowflake Patterns

These plates are nice to use in winter. Decorate your dining room with these painted snowflake patterns will be a great idea. Ask your kids to arrange the table decor with you. Then, enjoy the meals served. These pretty plates are nice for any theme decor.

DIY Painted Gold Splatter Plates

Show your crafting ability in this project. Look at this abstract painted gold splatter plate that is so elegant. You will feel like having dinner in a palace. You will need metallic gold paint and a splattering technique to get this awesome dish.

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