Let’s make a difference in organizing. We can build a DIY closet that works well for any home style. Establishing a closet by our hand might help us to save the budget. Buying a dream closet might so unattainable. The price is quite pricy for some people. Read this article! We have collected DIY closet ideas that anyone can copy. If you can make a DIY closet soon, check out our list and get inspired.

DIY Simple Modern Wardrobe

Diy simple modern wardrobe


Look at the wooden wardrobe. Though without a door, it offers ample storage space for any items. You can hang your clothes and put on your shoes on the shelves. You can make it soon for your bedroom after seeing the tutorials here. We believe it will look great in your bedroom. 

DIY Industrial Closet

Draw your closet plan. You will need pipe in various sizes, elbows, flanges, and wood planks. Buy them in a plumbing store. You might need several hours to finish this project, but you will love the result seen in the picture above. See from Meaningfulmama and read tutorials. Then, make an industrial closet in your version.

DIY Built-In Closet for Fashion Items

What do you think of it? Built-in closets are functional, and they look so cute. This closet is in a nook, and it looks so eye-catching. You can do so in your bedroom. You should at least have basic woodworking skills to do this project. 

DIY Custom Closet Shelves

There might be much-wasted space in the closet. Add more shelves to hold more accessories. You can organize shoes, bags, jewelry, or other outfits on the shelves you’ve made. You will need a wood plank, paint, saw, hammer, and nails. See more tutorials here

DIY Small Bedroom Closet

See this open closet that works well even in a small space. The owner uses wood planks and rails to hold some fashion items. Hang long clothes and fold the rest. In this way, you can organize them more easily. Without doors, you can display your collections. Then, find them faster when needed.

DIY Open Wardrobe

If you wish to have a larger room, this DIY open wardrobe might be what you need. You can see your collection all day. Add a curtain to cover it up anytime. It looks so simple and easy to build. With it, you will attain a dreamy bedroom without worrying about where to store your stuff. 



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