Laundry activities will make your day full of works if you don’t put your laundry basket in a proper way. Sometimes, we are busy looking for the laundry basket and we forgot where it was. So, it will be much better to make a laundry basket with an eye-catching look. So, you will easily find it when needed. Moreover, you can hack it with several steps to spruce up its appearance. Your laundry room decoration will appear more organized well than before. Check out our ideas below!

Drapery Wall Mounted Laundry Hamper

Drapery wall mounted laundry hamper


It will be the easiest way ever to make a laundry basket from draperies. You can choose the patterns you like that will match your whole decoration. This is a pretty simple DIY project that a DIY newbie can finish in less than an hour. So, what are you waiting for? You can make it soon today.

DIY Industrial Style Laundry Hamper

Repurpose a trash can as a laundry organizer will be a great idea. It makes your laundry room tidy and clean. Furthermore, adding a DIY base with casters will ease you to toll it anywhere. This industrial-style laundry hamper will ease your works every day.

Handwoven Flax Laundry Basket

This handwoven flax laundry basket is a little bit time-consuming but fun to do. You can use any weave-able material. First of all, you have to collect the material and enjoy the weaving process. Feel free to customize the size you need.

Great Hanging Laundry Hamper

You will need fifteen minutes to complete this simple project. Find a large hoop and a pillowcase or other fabric you have. Creating this embroidery hoop for the laundry hamper will not take much time and less budget. Then, it works well to collect your dirty clothes.

DIY Laundry Sorting Hamper

This is a clever idea that anyone should try. This DIY laundry sorting hamper teaches your kids to sort their clothes. Whether your want to sort them based on the colors or fabric types, this laundry hamper is what you need to keep the laundry room clean and neat.

DIY Ombre Woven Rope Laundry Basket

Cover your cheap laundry basket with rope. Use hot-glue to stack it over. Then, take your paint and make the ombre style to the rope. Sure, it is easy to make but will little bit time-consuming. This eye-catching laundry basket is not only useful but decorative as well.

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