Electricity accounts for 90% of the energy consumption in Florida households. These homeowners opt to alter their houses to intelligent, energy-efficient homes. These residence improvements are worthwhile no matter the time of the year. It will help cut bills and utilities and make the home eco-friendly.

There are many reasons people embark on renovating their abodes. It could be growing space and enhancing the home’s worth to cut the carbon footprint and lower power bills. 

Keep reading to find out ways to make your Florida home energy-efficient. 

By following these recommendations, you can make your dwelling energy efficient and build a money-saving house.

Upgrade your Windows and Doors

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) EnergyStar program calculates that the average U.S. home can save $101 to $583 a year when replacing windows.

The right kind of windows and doors comes with the ability to trap air in all seasons. Consider replacing or upgrading old doors and windows with more efficient models that give you long-term results. 

Take professional help from Florida Windows and Doors to custom design the openings of your house. The impact windows not only protect you from storms but also keep out noise and protect against break-ins providing you with safety and security.

Decide what features you want for your doors and windows. It should reduce your heating and cooling costs with the slightest maintenance. Choose the ones with a heavy-duty frame, sturdy glass, and protective coating. 

Improve your Appliances

Many people wonder if replacing home appliances with smart home appliances is worth it.

The answer is yes; it helps cut electricity costs compared to their conventional non-efficient appliances. Look for energy star certified devices. On average, home appliances include- humidifiers, air cleaners, dryers, washers, freezers, and more. 

Plus, by replacing these appliances with Energy Star certification, you are making an investment that will reflect the electricity rates you pay.

Energy Efficient Lights

Good lighting is an essential part of your home’s atmosphere. Instead of sacrificing the ambiance due to energy savings, why not look for solutions to make your home efficient? 

A simple change to upgrade your home is to use lighting with LED models. They can aid you in saving up to 90% less energy. While LED lights are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, it still helps you save money as they can last longer and use less energy. Illuminate the house and conserve energy by replacing the old bulbs and fluorescent lamps with LEDs.

Also, save energy and money by switching off the lights when not in use.

Repair or Replace your Roof

Many of us don’t tend to pay attention to our roofs until we face some problems. A top has excellent potential to conserve energy and reduce bills.

Due to the hot summer sun and freezing temperatures of winter, the roof experiences a lot of burns with seasonal changes. Maximize your investment and enhance energy efficiency by extending your roof’s life expectancy. Ensure that the attics and basements are adequately insulated, keeping the overall comfort of your home intact. 

If you don’t want to change the roof completely, you can try roof coating to help reflect heat.

To Sum Up 

It’s high time that Florida homeowners should take responsibility and contribute to the environment. So, follow these tips to improve your home’s sustainability with some energy-efficient ideas. Take small steps and save more money.

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