Almost everyone loves candy. They are sweet and delicious. Can you imagine making DIY Bouquets with them? Yes, we are sure. We can give them to our loved ones. Rather than flower bouquets, sweets look more eye-catching. They come with different tastes, colors, and shapes. You can try a lot of different sweets, such as jelly beans, peppermint candies, gummy bears, popcorn, or other healthier sweets like fresh fruits or nuts. Check out our list below and get more inspiration.

DIY Lollipops Candy Bouquet

Diy lollipops candy bouquet

Making this candy bouquet will not be tricky at all. You will need colorful lollipops, a plastic sheet, and a ribbon. Make the vase by covering the lollipops with plastic and tying them with ribbon. You can decorate it with other items like glitter, blink, or others.

DIY Popcorn Bouquet

Diy popcorn bouquet

First, you can use string or wire to make a popcorn bouquet. You can also use a clear vase to make the bouquet. Well, it’s up to you. You can show your creativity with the popcorn bouquet. Look at the picture! It even looks like speaking love to us.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Bouquet

Chocolate-covered strawberries bouquet

Do you wish for anything more? This bouquet already fulfills our feeling of happiness. Look at the chocolate that is covered well with strawberries. Those tell more than sweet and happy. Can you imagine their smell? They look so delicious. We can’t wait for them to eat soon.

Marshmallow Tulips Candy Bouquet

Marshmallow tulips candy bouquetWhat a beautiful bouquet! The pastel color of the marshmallows makes it looks so adorable. Oh, they are so sweet to eat. But, seeing this beautiful bouquet, we don’t want to break it up, do we? Oh, We should eat them. Each marshmallow will make us feel better. 

Sweet Bouquet of Gummy Candies

Sweet bouquet of gummy candies

When will your kid’s birthday be? What about giving a sweet bouquet of gummy candies? We believe your lovely one will adore it. It will be so pretty with bright colors and different shapes. Show your creativity in making gummy candies bouquets in different themes. Will you? You can try an underwater theme with jellyfish and dolphins.

Dried Fruit and Various Nuts

Dried fruit and various nutsDo you want to give a candy bouquet to the one who is dieting? Dried fruits and various nuts are other options instead of gummy bears, marshmallows, or other sweets that are healthier for everyone. Eating nuts and dried fruits will give a sensation of sweetness and savor. They are so delicious.



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