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DIY Hair Tie Ideas to Make You Stylish with Long Hair

If you have long hair, a hair tie might be what you need to prepare daily. When the weather is warmer, you can tie your hair with it. You can find many hair tie styles to buy from a store, but making it by hand will be different. Whether you want to give a hair tie as a give or wear it for yourself, it will show your personal touches. Also, it is really possible to make your own head accessories including the hair tie during summer. Check out our ideas below about DIY hair ties you can make in minutes.

DIY Wooden Beaded Hair Tie

Diy wooden beaded hair tie


Adding a wooden bead to a hair tie is a great idea. It adds a little flair but looks so pretty. Match the color to make it more attractive. A blue hair tie with a blue wooden bead is nice. You can give it to your little girl too. It will make her appear stylish.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Hair Tie

Here is a clever idea to use a pipe cleaner. Choose the most attractive color according to your desire. Then, shape it into a flower and attach it to the hair tie. You can make as many as possible and sell more hair ties online. The simple design makes it versatile for formal and or non-formal occasions.

DIY Wooden Tag Hair Tie

Anyone can make this simple craft in less than five minutes. Prepare the materials like a plain hair tie, a wooden tag, and glue. Add the bunny or other forms you like to the hair tie using glue. Then, let it dry. It is a cute hair tie, right?

DIY Glitter Hair Ties

Add fun sparkles to your hair ties. You can make as many hair ties as possible and sell them online. Making this craft is not tricky at all. You only have to add glitter to the rubber hair tie with glue. 

DIY Bow Hair Ties

First, you should make the bow using fabric and simple sewing techniques. Assemble the bow to a hair tie using glue, or you may sew it as well. Add more touches to show your character. Add glitter, star, pom pom, or even pearl.

DIY Button Hair Ties

Buy some buttons and make some hair ties from them. Attach those buttons to hair ties using glue. This simple step is easy for a little girl too. She can do it in minutes. Ask her to make more DIY button hair ties with you on the weekend. 



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