Do you love gold things? Why don’t you make DIY decorations with gold touches for your home? Golds are glam and elegant. Improve your decor to look more attractive with the following DIY ideas. Check them out and get inspired.

DIY Decorative Gold Orb

Diy decorative gold orb


Creating this project is not hard. What you need to prepare are a styrofoam sphere, dowels, and metallic gold paint. Cut the styrofoam into a half-circle shape. Then, spray some dowels or you may cut clothes hangers into some pieces. Put the pieces on the styrofoam.

DIY Gold Acorns

No matter what the season is, these gold acorns will work well for any home decor. See how those little touches will improve your decor instantly. Who says that golds are expensive? Look at these gold acorns that are affordable and easy to make.

DIY Gold Lampshade

Well. It is only about how to paint your lampshade in gold. So, the lamp will appear more glam and elegant. Put this in your nightstand and switch it on at night. The gold sparkling will make your room more eye-catching.

DIY Gold Decorative Spheres

What about these DIY gold decorative spheres? You need four hula hoops to make this awesome project. Paint them in gold and let them dry for about one day. Then, attach them to each other to get this look. Put this DIY in your living room to improve your decor.

DIY Gold Foil Pillow

Talking about gold touches, it doesn’t have to be in a hard thing like a wire or wood. We can make a DIY gold foil pillow as well. Just attach the gold foils to your pillowcase by using hot glue. This easy project will improve your seating area and make it more glam.

DIY Gold Metal Flower

Make a metal flower is not a hard project. As long as you have the time, this project is so much fun and affordable. Furthermore, you can sell it and get more money. Some people love gold touches, what about creating gold metal flowers? It will improve your decor into more glam.

DIY Gold Glitter Tea Light Holder

Look at those tea light holders that look so pretty. You can have them without spending time or money. Just add gold glitter to the glass by using glue. Then, it will give you a beautiful, romantic, and glam decor tone to your room.



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