Glasses are not just for summer style. Anyone can wear glasses anytime they want. Moreover, glasses work well for almost all outfits. These accessories can be easily brought somewhere. However, they are easy to break as well. So, you will need cases to keep them from getting stretched someday. In this article, we have gathered DIY glasses cases that are easy to replicate even for a DIY newbie. Check them out further below and get inspired.

No-Sew Leather Glasses Case

No-sew leather glasses case


Do you want to go somewhere today? Don’t forget to bring your glasses. Even though you are not on a summer day, glasses will make you look stylish and cool. Keep them in a glasses case made by hand without sewing like this white leather case. You can craft this in fewer minutes.

Crochet Glasses Case

The crochet glasses case is easy to carry anywhere you go. It is easy to replicate as long as you are able to do crocheting. The pattern looks so simple but eye-catching. It seems like a tiny purse that works well with your outfit every day. Furthermore, you can keep it in your little bag as well.

Felt Glasses Case

What about these cute glasses cases? Are you deserved to have more? Make a piece of felt glasses case will not need a lot of money. Find the felt you need and cut it into the size you need. Then, sew it by hand. Add a cute button to get a pretty felt glasses case.

DIY Linen Glasses Case

This DIY linen glasses case is a long-lasting style that will work well with your days. No matter what the season is, the case will always eye-catching. Sew by hand the linen you have to look like a pouch. Then, add a glasses pattern on the case to identify that it is a glasses case. This project is easy peasy and affordable for anyone.

Chic And Simple Glasses Case

You will make this in 15 minutes. Sure! Just take a piece of patterned leather and cut it in a certain size based on your glasses. Then, sew it by hand. No need to add any accessories because the pattern looks so gorgeous for a glasses case.

Bandana Glasses Case

If you have more bandanas in your closet, it will be better to repurpose one of them to a more functional thing. You can make a bandana glasses case by hand. Even a beginner can make this in minutes. Just create as many as you need.

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