Look at your garden! Do you want to make it more impressive? Decorating a garden will be around the plants, planters, or paths. What about adding garden flags? It will make it more pop with colorful touches. You can buy them at a store. However, creating some garden flags by hand will be interesting. You will add your personal touches and design it according to your wish. Check out the list below! We have collected DIY garden flags to inspire you.

DIY Patriotic Flag

Diy patriotic flag


Show your patriotism with this Diy patriotic flag. It looks so wonderful, right? Making this craft is not hard. You will need fabric in red, white, and blue. Customize it by using burlap with white dots. You should have at least basic sewing skills to make this flag.

DIY Cute Garden Flag

It is a super easy project that a beginner can finish in minutes. Prepare burlap, felt, scissors, thread, and needle. You need to cut the felt in some heart shapes. Then, attach them to the burlap. This flag looks perfect for Valentine’s Day to show your love and care.

DIY Bohemian Flag

Adding a bohemian flag in a garden will show freedom. This flag also works well for a party decoration. Do you want to hold a BBQ party with your friends or colleagues? Use bohemian flags to decorate your garden. It will show a free spirit and fun. Follow more instructions here.

DIY 4th July Paint Stick Garden Flags

What do you think about this craft? It is so creative to use sticks to make garden flags. We only have to attach them. Then, pain them. Put the flags in the garden in July. Cool, huh?

DIY Monogram Garden Flag

No one realizes that this flag is homemade. Look at the monogram that is so artistic. You can make the same flag by hand too. Check out how to make it here. Customize the fabric pattern and color you like. Feel free to be more creative in making the monogram.

DIY Fall Leaves Garden Flag

What a beautiful garden flag! It will spruce up your garden during the fall season. We love the colorful leaves on the fabric that look so amazing. Follow the instructions more here. We believe you can finish this project in less than an hour. You will need a thick fabric with dark color, glue, and leaves or faux leaves.


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