If your dresser is outdated, don’t hurry up to throw it. You can use any part of your dresser to be repurposed into something new. In this case, you can use your dresser drawers. If you are crafty, you can use the dresser drawers for different purposes. Dresser drawers are not only useful storage pieces but can also be turned into unique decor. With DIY ideas, you can repurpose your dresser drawers in a unique and creative way. Therefore, some creative DIY ideas for dresser drawers can help you turn that boring old piece of furniture into an awesome new project.

If you’re looking for a new way to reuse your dresser’s drawers, you’ve come to the right place. You can use an old drawer upside down as a jewelry box. You can use basic materials such as pegs and a ring holder to create this functional piece of furniture. You can also paint the drawer and hang it in your bedroom or bathroom to use as additional storage. A few other ideas include turning a drawer into a comfortable Ottoman. You can also turn the drawers into dog beds. Add a dog mattress and bedding to make the piece more functional for your pet. For other ideas, you can repurpose the dresser drawers as a planter, tray, bookcase, wall decor, standing cabinet, coffee table, and more. Read on to learn about creative ways to make a dresser drawer to be something new.

Vintage Drawer Storage from hgtv

Old Dresser Drawe from hgtv Dog Beds from hgtv

Planter Old Drawer  from hgtv

Snow-White Wall Shelf  from homebnc Pillow Storage from homebnc

Patio Organization from homebnc Mini Garden Recycled Drawer from homebnc Hook Old Drawer Storage from homebnc DIY Shelves Old Drawer from homebnc DIY Old Drawer Library from homebnc Old Drawer Coffee Table  from homebnc Bird Feeder Old Drawer from homebnc Feet Up Old Drawer from homebnc Recycled Old Drawer from homebnc Drawer Spons Storage from homebnc DIY Old Drawer Wall Decor from homebncOld Drawer Tray from homebnc Toilet Paper Storage from homebnc Small Bookshelf from homebnc Stacked Drawer Planter from homebnc DIY Wallpaper Bookshelf from homebnc Standing Drawer Dresses Storage from homebnc

DIY Standing Storage from homebnc

Open Shelf Storage from homebnc

Polka Dot Delight from homebnc

Mirror Old Drawer from architectureartdesignsShelf Old Drawer from architectureartdesignsWall Art Drawer from architectureartdesignsOld Drawer Pet Bed from architectureartdesigns Drawer with Old Belt from architectureartdesignsPantry Shelf Drawer from architectureartdesignsJewelry Hanger Old Drawer from architectureartdesignsJewelry Storage from architectureartdesignsRolling Drawer Storage from architectureartdesignsShelves Kitchen Storage from architectureartdesignsVintage Drawer Family Picture from architectureartdesigns Shelves for Kid’s Room from architectureartdesignsOld Dawer Open Shelf  from architectureartdesignsBuilt-in Board Old Drawer from architectureartdesignsOld Drawer Library from architectureartdesigns

Colorful Wall Decor from architectureartdesigns

Pet Bed from thisoldhouse Dog Food Station from thisoldhouse Windows Box from thisoldhouse Drawer Bookshelf  from thisoldhouse

DIY Bed Drawer from thisoldhouse

Bulletin Board Drawer from onecrazyhouse Reuse Old Planter Drawer from onecrazyhouse

Old Drawer Storage from onecrazyhouse

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