Candle votives are nice and magic. When the night comes with its darkness, candles enlighten the space you want. Sure, we are not talking about bulbs with electricity. It is about candle votive that works well when a blackout happens unpredictably. Candle votive also works for the one who lives in a cottage with rustic style and romantic feeling. In this article, you can see candle votive ideas that are easy and affordable to be made with DIY candle projects. Check out further below to get more inspiration.

DIY Homemade Crayon Candles

Diy homemade crayon candles


To make these DIY homemade crayon candles, you will spend around $15. And, it is cheap you know. Rather than buy the new ones at a store, why don’t you make them by hand? Collect some broken crayons and create DIY crayon candles with any color combination you like.

DIY Soy Wedding Candles

What about creating your own wedding souvenirs that are easy and affordable? In this picture, we see a beautiful DIY soy wedding candle made by hand. Feel free to add perfume or other good smell ornaments. Let your guests take one and they will remember your most important day.

Stained Glass Candles

Make your plain votive glass candle more interesting with a simple trick. In this part, the creator adds colorful tissue papers and mod podge to make this awesome craft. Yes, you are free to customize the size, pattern, and color as you want. Put this in your room or use some stained glass candles for a party decoration.

DIY Easy Painted Votive Holders

You can get a cheap plain glass votive candle holder but it will be so boring. Improve its look by adding some paint. Look! These votive candles look so artistic, right? You can make them by hand this week. And, use them to enlighten any space in your home or outdoor area at night.

DIY Whimsical Tote Candles

Do you want to go outside tonight? It will be better to bring a flashlight. Or, you can make DIY whimsical tote candles by hand. Prepare a mason jar or any glass votive candle. Add a rope on the top of it and don’t forget to finish with a belt or wire or anything. So, it can be easily carried out anytime.

Homemade French Vanilla Candles

With coffee beans and vanilla beans, you can your room look like a coffee shop. See the picture that shows votive candles with those beans inside. Sure, it will not only enlighten your space but also gives a good smell all around.



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