Talking about DIY accessories, it will deal with something that will improve your style every day. By the way, what accessories do you like? In this article, we are going to show DIY bracelet ideas that you can make in less than an hour. Bracelets are versatile and will never make you out of date. Furthermore, wearing a bracelet will easy you to mix and match it with other accessories and or outfits. Let us check out our lists below to inspire you!

DIY Wire Bracelet

Diy wire bracelet


Look at this awesome bracelet that so glam and beautiful. It is made of gold wire. You can make it in less than an hour. Prepare a faux leather tassel to make it more interesting. Then, add a gold jump ring, and a few other materials to complete its look.

DIY Simple Knotted Bracelet

What about this super simple knotted bracelet? It doesn’t need much more to do. Just be more creative to make the pattern. Feel free to decide what color you want. No need to become an expert. This DIY bracelet is easy to make even for a DIY newbie.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bracelet

Toilet paper rolls are versatile to us as DIY materials. In this term, you can make a new bracelet by using a toilet paper roll. To get a more beautiful look, you should find the best pattern from multi-color paper and attach it to the roll. Then, get a new bracelet as you wish.

DIY Yarn and Chain Bracelet

This is a super easy project that a DIY newbie can finish in less than an hour. Just make sure you find the yarn and chain soon. Decide the pattern that you want to apply. Feel free to add other materials to complete its look.

DIY  Leather Bracelet with a Pearl

Prepare any supplies needed to make this awesome bracelet. You will need scissors and jump rings. Moreover, you have to choose the ribbon clasps and add a couple of other supplies to create this leather bracelet. Having this bracelet will improve your style.

DIY Pearl Bracelet

Do you wish to have more pearls for your bracelet? This picture shows a beautiful bracelet with pearls and a blue ribbon. Feel free to customize the sizes and colors. Creating this bracelet will not need more than an hour.

DIY Elegant White Beads Bracelet

If you want to go to a luxurious party, this DIY elegant white beads bracelet might what you need to wear. White pearls are glam and beautiful. Make this by hand and show your personal touches.



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